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I was tagged by Sevda of WeAreYouNeak to show 7 of my Bling-Blings. Well, you see, I'm kind of an accessories whore. So after picking 7, I've also decided to show you where I house all my goodies.

Just a taste...

So this is one of those things you just have to buy when you see it. I saw it in a Washington, D.C. convenience store and just had to have it. It's just so outrageously awesome. The last time I wore it was at a gangster-themed party. I knew it would come in handy.

This blingy knuckle ring is from Forever 21. I have yet to wear it. Shame on me.

Giant stud necklace from a lovely store called Contents in Houston. I'm wearing it here although it's a little hard to tell.

Laser-cut lightning bolt earrings from Claire's and crazy metal bib necklace from Forever 21.

Engraved gold Mickey Mouse ID bracelet my mom bought me a long time ago. It's so personal and has my maiden name initial.

Heavy duty metal stud stretchy bracelet. I will be selling these if you are interested. (my marketing skills at work... )

Ok, this is where I keep all my necklaces. I'm such a jewelry junkie. I bought these cute birdie hooks online at Heliotrope. They have some really unique items for your home and cute gift ideas for the upcoming holiday!

That's right. More jewelry on top of my dresser.

I'm always looking for ways to organize my earrings. I think I purchased the rotating tortoise shell triangle stand from Ebay eons ago, but the stand on the right is from Angelynn's. She has them in every color and they can be hung on the wall too.

Cue the sounds effects.

I love Moschino perfumes and I love their bottles even more. Super whimsical and brightly colored. Kinda like me. The jewelry shelf was a gift from a friend who purchased it from Urban Outfitters years ago. It was a white blank slate and I added spray paint and did some decoupage magic to it.

Finally, this is a drawing from one of the my fave Etsy artists, Pretty Little Thieves. It's mostly original work and very affordable. Her stuff is just darling.


  1. i love the last drawing so much, super cute! :)





  3. you have nice bling bling collections!


  4. Great! I love the earings, bracelet and ring so much! Gorgeous!
    X, fashionnerdic


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