Miniio Modern Dollhouse

As a kid, I never had a dollhouse. Not even one for my Barbies.  I liked what I call free range play which involved putting Barbie in social situations rather than confining her to spaces. However, after stumbling across Polish-brand Miniio's modern dollhouses, I'm thinking Barbie would have really enjoyed the unfussy minimal space if provided the opportunity. 

Miniature anything is almost always cute, but this takes miniature to a whole new level. I see it more as a showpiece than a child's playhouse and would really be too scared to let young children near it. The pieces resemble the delicate architecture models my sister made in school rather than the sturdy child-proof plastic houses that I'm used to. Either way, the price range is not completely outrageous if you have room to display it and would really make a great conversation piece. I've even considered purchasing the sets which range from $54 to $78 and placing them in shadow boxes. How cute would that be?

 photo miniko4_zpsofis5llx.jpg

 photo miniko_zpsswdr5jfj.jpg

 photo miniko2_zpsxr0zon7u.jpg

 photo miniko3_zpslzlewwbq.jpg

 photo miniko5_zps5gqvcmyu.jpg

 photo miniko6_zpsascfnggz.jpg

The small and large dollhouses and sets can be purchased from here: DLK.
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