Dream Closet Challenge by Compass

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As a fun challenge, I was asked by Compass, a new online real-estate platform, to design my dream closet. My current closet is in somewhat of a disarray, so I immediately gravitated to the sleek and minimal style of Norwegian artist, Nina Holst's, gorgeous walk-in as a starting point. I've always been intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe and being able to maintain a space that would really test my discipline in purchases.

To offset the cold feel of an all white closet, I would bring in natural elements for that added warmth. For example, I would switch out the white Ikea dresser for the gorgeous wood-paneled statement piece by Team7.  All those compartments would make the perfect storage solution for hiding my knick knacks and sweaters. My dream closet would also be spacious enough to hang a couple of painted branch clothing racks inspired by the DIY-queen of minimalism, Love Aesthetics, for that boutique feel.
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No closet would be complete without accessories. I would bring in texture with a furry stool, add some classy bling with this brass and marble brush holder, and finally tie everything in with this modern abstract rug that doubles as an art piece.


Coffee (Mug) and Glasses

 photo cup_zpsprs5pv9g.jpg
 photo cup2_zpsmtnbsfiw.jpg
 photo cup3_zpsnkxlbral.jpg
 photo cup4_zpslfuni2ur.jpg

I've been slowly amassing a ceramic collection starting with my love of tiny vintage bud vases to ceramics with faces. This mug by Tactile Matter is my latest acquisition and it does not disappoint. It's perfectly speckled and has a minimal '80s vibe which I dig. I discovered Kenesha's beautifully handcrafted ceramics via Instagram and seriously want all the pieces for my home. Her West Coast influences definitely shine through each piece in color and motif.

For those who share my love for all things cute, Atelier Stella is what got me started on the ceramic face kick. I have a couple of pieces from her collaboration with West Elm but have not pulled the trigger on her original works (shipping from England can cost a pretty penny!). Her ceramics are charming, highly covetable, and tend to sell out in minutes. You have to keep an eye on her Instagram for sale times and have a quick trigger finger if you want one of her sweet vases.

So check it out! I've got new glasses! Firmoo has come through again with this retro-inspired pair. Since being introduced to the site, I've been purchasing all my eyeglasses (and Bryan's glasses) from them. A complete set of glasses from the optometrist can get pricey, so this site is great for those with ever-changing prescriptions. I've tried several Home Trial Kits from popular eyewear sites and have found that the quality of Firmoo glasses have been equal or better than the glasses I have tried on and at half the cost. Plus, my prescription has always been spot on. If you have any issues with your purchase, the customer service is very responsive and will go above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied. Their newsletter updates me on their fresh inventory, so the selection is never boring. For all you newbies, you can get 15% off your first pair. Not a bad deal if you're in the search for affordable glasses!


Baby Fever

Hello world, I am now a mommy. It's still taking some getting used to- the idea of being a caregiver to someone so helpless and dependent on you feels pretty surreal yet so amazing at the same time. I'll look down at my mini pooch and can't believe that the thing I had been harboring in my belly for nine months has a face I can finally put a name to. Jolie Ann Porter was born 3 weeks early on August 8th weighing in at 6 lbs 6 ozs and 19 inches long.

 photo new-re_zpssq2sjnlb.jpg
Jolie at 2 days old.

 photo baby3-re_zpskdam4mni.jpg
This girl is going to be a goofy one.

 photo baby4-re_zpswsml58tk.jpg
Jolie at 4 weeks.

 photo Jolie_mobile-re_zpsaabjzazs.jpg
Future DJ? 

 photo baby2-re_zpsquouinnm.jpg

I am totally enamored by this little being. They are not kidding when they say your life will revolve around your baby. My 2-3 hours between feedings have become precious and if it's not used taking a nap (because a full night's sleep no longer exists), then it's used vegging out on the couch (I'm on the last season of Californication) or trying to squeeze in some normal activity like catching up on emails, cleaning the house, and even blogging! I'll be returning to work in a month, and I already know it will be difficult not being around this little bugger 24/7.

For all mommies out there, I salute you. Motherhood is a total mystery until you actually experience it. It is by far the hardest task I have taken on but definitely the most rewarding.


Miniio Modern Dollhouse

As a kid, I never had a dollhouse. Not even one for my Barbies.  I liked what I call free range play which involved putting Barbie in social situations rather than confining her to spaces. However, after stumbling across Polish-brand Miniio's modern dollhouses, I'm thinking Barbie would have really enjoyed the unfussy minimal space if provided the opportunity. 

Miniature anything is almost always cute, but this takes miniature to a whole new level. I see it more as a showpiece than a child's playhouse and would really be too scared to let young children near it. The pieces resemble the delicate architecture models my sister made in school rather than the sturdy child-proof plastic houses that I'm used to. Either way, the price range is not completely outrageous if you have room to display it and would really make a great conversation piece. I've even considered purchasing the sets which range from $54 to $78 and placing them in shadow boxes. How cute would that be?

 photo miniko4_zpsofis5llx.jpg

 photo miniko_zpsswdr5jfj.jpg

 photo miniko2_zpsxr0zon7u.jpg

 photo miniko3_zpslzlewwbq.jpg

 photo miniko5_zps5gqvcmyu.jpg

 photo miniko6_zpsascfnggz.jpg

The small and large dollhouses and sets can be purchased from here: DLK.


Mood Board ++ Soft Scandinavia

As much as I love the Scandinavian aesthetic, often times it can come off as too austere or cold especially in the home. I tend to gravitate toward a little color so I've been taking cues from the Aussies who seem to love Scandinavia but add their own soft touches. This means pleasing pastels mixed in with natural wood, and yes, perfect for a baby's nursery! Below are some lovely ladies I follow on Instagram that have inspired my decorating choices of late:

 photo auss_zpsbqhpdgl0.jpg

1. _harlowsworld_

2. jazura_styling

3. oh.eight.oh.nine

4. mitahli_designs

5. whistle_dixie

6. misskyreeloves
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