Back at the Fest

I am not ashamed to say I have gone to the Renaissance Festival more times in my adult years than as a kid.  What's that you say? You don't like drinking mead while dancing to fairies playing the lute?  Well then, you are truly missing out.  Just grab an open-minded group of friends who like to people watch, be entertained, and eat (turkey legs are gluten free) and meet me in Plantersville.

 photo ren6_zpsbded4efc.jpg photo ren_zps9f8e6ea4.jpg
 photo ren5_zps145c7bd3.jpg
 photo ren4_zps8952daaf.jpg
 photo ren9_zpsbb4633d3.jpg
 photo ren2_zps744c9bac.jpg
 photo ren7_zps58118f8b.jpg
 photo ren3_zps1a859f12.jpg
 photo ren8_zpsf018d865.jpg
 photo ren91_zps6d994959.jpg
 photo ren92_zps11f93ee6.jpg
 photo ren93_zpscbf80fde.jpg
 photo ren94_zpse458d054.jpg
 photo ren95_zpscff2aa0e.jpg


Cute / Modern / Nom

 photo cute2_zpse7e94988.jpg

CUTE // I'm pretty sure seeing this bowl every morning would put a smile on my face even without my cuppa coffee. 

MODERN // It's oversized, in the perfect shade of light grey, and the price is right.  Need I say more?

NOM // Tried Coltivare for the first time this weekend, and I was quite impressed.  A charming, modern rustic atmosphere with delicious gourmet pizzas and wonderful small plates.  This charred octopus and local melon dish was almost too pretty to eat.  Almost.


Mixed Space

 photo olive2_zpsc3dfc5a6.jpg

 photo olive_zpsa39a2e68.jpg

 photo olive3_zps2e91eb04.jpg
                                                                                          Jacket // Madewell
                                                                                          Top // Zara
                                                                                          Black Denim // JOE's Jeans
                                                                                          Boots // Woman by Common Projects
                                                                                          Bag // Dimoni


Cute / Modern / Nom

A new roundup for your midweek pick-me-up!
 photo cuteMODnom1_zps7cc3e6cd.jpg

CUTE // For those moments when you wondered what it'd be like to have a bunch of tiny parrots on your head.

MODERN // These sleek loafers are on my Wishlist.  Looks like they're on everybody else's too.  : /

NOM // This is the result of Bryan accidentally defrosting all of our catfish- a delicious and easy etoufee-like dish!  To save some bucks, I bought frozen salad shrimp and just defrosted the bag.  Bon appetit!



 photo lav_zps7261bcec.jpg

 photo lav2_zpsac374963.jpg

 photo lav3_zps4dc54b4e.jpg

 photo lav4_zps7bcbd5f4.jpg
                                                                                  Tee // Madewell Universal tee
                                                                                  Shorts // Serfontaine
                                                                                  Bag // Leah Goren Girls tote
                                                                                  Boots //Won Hundred Stone boots
                                                                                  Cuff // Young Frankk Match cuff
                                                                                  Rings // [L to R] vintage and Pamela Love
It's still hot here in Houston despite the random cold front teasing its way through once every two weeks.  So most of my outfits have been soft tees and shorts.  I know boots aren't really summer wear but for me, they're a year-round staple. Lesson learned with white boots: they're fab but scuff up almost immediately.  
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