Wishing for More Cold Fronts

// Isabel Marant "Suvi" jacket / Zara sweater / Flying Monkey jeans / Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf / Common Projects boots / Obaku watch / vintage bracelet //

Since taking these photos, the weather, unfortunately, has gotten a lot warmer. Once again, it was really nice while it lasted. No humidity. Just cool, crisp air with that constant faint smell of barbecue. A burning grill in cold weather is one of my favorite, comforting smells.

For our mild winters, it's always nice to have jackets that act like sweaters and vice versa.  I've been in search of this lightweight jacket for awhile now and purchased it from a French seller for a third of the retail cost (see... patience does pay off!).  The oversized fit and cozy wool and mohair blend make it the perfect piece of outerwear for the transitional season. I've been gravitating more towards blacks and grays lately, so adding a pop of color to break up the monotony only seemed appropriate.
A little Marc by Marc Jacobs usually does the trick!


Halloween 2012

I'm pretty sure I had the busiest Halloween weekend ever. Our jam-packed days included A Sea Es' CD release/costume party at Fitzgerald's, a 24-hour horror movie marathon for a friend's birthday, and a wedding. Whew! I tried to be resourceful and incorporated my Maje dress into my mod cat costume and yes, I even made sure to sew on a tail for full cat authenticity. Don't worry! No dresses were harmed in the process. Here are some photos taken Friday evening...

Did everyone else have an exciting weekend? What did you guys dress up as?


Benestante Family Reunion

This weekend I had the pleasurable experience of being a part of my first family reunion on my husband's mother's side (the Italians!). We all met at a beautiful family-owned ranch in a small town in East Texas, ate some really great bbq and made lifelong connections. It was amazing to see the family tree and be able to trace the lineage up to the original family members who touched ground at Ellis Island. Because the reunion was such a success, they are already planning to make it a yearly event!


Easy Does It

// Alternative Earth sweat top {cool oxblood version} / Jill Stuart denim skirt / Common Projects ankle boots / bracelet made by mom // 

As a Texan, it's not uncommon to see Western wear during rodeo time or on the occasional Austin hipster.  So when Isabel Marant's F/W 2012 collection came out, I was not completely sold on the idea of the luxuriously chic cowgirl.  Nonetheless, I've been known to wear my fair share of cowgirl gear such as plaid shirts and western style boots and have always been a fan of piping, embroidery, and those oh-so-slick snap buttons.  

At a recent jaunt to one of my favorite secondhand stores, Buffalo Exchange, this Western-inspired Jill Stuart skirt caught my fancy.  It ran slightly on the large side and had an A-line cut, so it was immediately sent to the tailor for a more desirable fit.  I've been loving sweats lately, so I guess you can say this is my take on the urban cowgirl look!


Clay and Cabernet

// photos of me by Kerry Paine / photo of plate prior to being fired up in the kiln by McCheek's Academy // 

Crafting parties are the best when you get to enjoy them with friends, make new ones, and add to your soon-to-be-wed friend's dish collection. I only wish I knew about Clay and Cabernet sooner! The fun event created by Carole Smith who owns cool clay studio, McCheek's Academy, is a great way to bring together friends and bond over sculpting and vino.  It felt good to rekindle those sweet memories of my high school days in the art studio. 

So did you notice that I have a sweater on?   This was the last day of the cold front and boy, was it a great 5 seconds!  You should have seen the glimmer in our eyes when we talked about how excited we were to pull out our dusty jackets and knitwear!


The Bootcut

// Zara blouse / Gap bootcut jeans / Alexander Wang bag / Gap wedge boots / Obaku watch //

After finding this pair of gray bootcut denim from Buffalo Exchange, I was reminded of what I was wearing before the skinny jean revolution.  Haha, my ankles can breathe again!  As much as I love my skinny jeans & pants (15+ pairs and counting!), it sure feels good to change it up sometimes!
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