The Pass

     Last night I had the pleasure of attending the anniversary dinner of acclaimed The Pass & Provisions, run by chefs, Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan.  The menu: a delightful mix of popular dishes from top restaurants in New York, London, and Houston that the chefs previously worked at.  I was surprised to see most of the dishes were entree-sized which made me thankful we were warned to pace ourselves and not to devour everything that came our way.   

     Here's a clip from Bon Appetit's Best New Restaurants in America feature to give you an idea of the experience.  Yes, entering The Pass is like being led into a secret elite club via a hidden side door. 

     My friend and I were greeted upon arrival with a starter of small bites, which included The Bistro Bethem (roasted garlic/cambazola/pickled onion), Trumbull Kitchen (rock shrimp fritters), and C-House (mini fish tacos with sashimi inside).  photo pass2_zps7c1fcf89.jpg
     After all the guests arrived, Seth and Terrence proceeded with an introduction of each of the courses and the restaurant that it came from.  The chefs then went to work carefully preparing each guest's plate with a delicate hand. 
 photo pass9_zps1af429e3.jpg  photo pass3_zps7c69038c.jpg AQUAVIT: foie gras ganache/duck sausage/apple
     My favorite dish of the night. It felt like I was starting my meal off with dessert.  The foi gras ganache tasted like a vanilla molten lava cake which oozed heaven once you broke into it, complemented by a juicy piece of sausage.  Now that's my kind of comfort food.
 photo pass4_zps377cbcba.jpg AUREOLE: scallop sandwich/citrus buerre blanc
     My friend's favorite dish. Jumbo scallops covered with what I can best describe as shoestring hash browns.  photo pass5_zpsd228233e.jpg ALTO: wild mushroom polenta/truffle/parmesan
     I love truffles, and I love wild mushroom.  I really thought I would like this dish off the bat, but the parmesan made it a bit too rich and salty for my blood. photo pass6_zpsb0b3fd3c.jpg THE MODERN: chorizo crusted cod/white beans/sherry vinegar jus
     I was really glad this came after the overpowering polenta.  The mild fish and creamy white beans made flavorful by the crusty chorizo were quite delicious.  Yes, I also ate the flowers and stems which gave the dish a "fresh from the garden" feel.
 photo pass7_zps7380a704.jpg GORDON RAMSEY THE LONDON HOTEL: lobster ravioli
     This was our least favorite dish.  It tasted exactly like what you would expect from a lobster ravioli except it was rubbery.   photo pass8_zpscb146e1e.jpg VIAJANTE: celery root/cheese from Spain/hazelnut
      A nice breather from all the heavy food.  A unique taste explosion in a small package.
 photo pass91_zps90ae1c99.jpg FIAMMA: a variation of beef carpachio with mushrooms/parmesan/tofu/quail egg
     The raw beef was tough and the mushrooms were a bit salty.  I did, however, enjoy my tasty morsel of a quail egg. photo pass92_zps23074095.jpg AUGUST: lamb belly/tzasiki/black sesame
     The main meal ended with a rustic fall-off-the-bone lamb with the smokey flavoring of sesame seeds.  This dish felt somewhat out of place, but I can't say no to lamb.  photo pass93_zps466b460b.jpg JUST AUGUST PROJECT: corn chiffon/sour cream ice cream/berries/brown butter
     I really wish I had eaten at the Just August Project, a one-month pop-up eatery at  Just Dinner.  The creative creations looked fabulous and right up my "open to anything" alley.  Thankfully, Seth and Terrence brought back one of the desserts for this dinner.  With just the right amount of sweetness and a unique blend of ingredients, this was my second favorite dish of the night.  Now where can I find dehydrated corn to sprinkle on all my dishes?

    Although I suppose I didn't get to try what The Pass & Provisions was all about food-wise, I did feel like I was able to partake in 9 different restaurant experiences, all of which probably shaped/influenced who the chefs are today.  For sure, I can say last night's dinner has been one my of most unique experiences besides eating in the kitchen of Audubon's Insectarium.  With this teaser out of the way, I can now look forward to seeing what each restaurant concept has to offer.


Paper on Toast by Anna Bu

     I've been following model/artist, Anna Bu's, blog for quite some time for her quirky, unconventional street style and now, I'm totally intrigued by her mysterious collages reminiscent of those by Dada artists such as Hannah Hoch.

 photo coll_zpsc6bb0cf4.jpg
 photo coll2_zpsa0787693.jpg

     Collage has been one of my favorite art forms since college.  I've collaged everything from tabletops to cabinet doors using free magazines my ex used to bring me from his workplace.  Bu's works have inspired me to start up my hobby again and finally make good use of those composition and cutting skills that have been wasting away. 


F1 Baby!

 photo f_zps57376e3f.jpg
Day Two: Ferrari Challenge
 photo f2_zpsfcc1a2d0.jpg
 photo f3_zps032eaf70.jpg
Life-size purple metallic Hot Wheels!
 photo f4_zps23a633df.jpg
Check out the camo Ferrari!
 photo f5_zps3b5d50df.jpg
Looks like an accident waiting to happen (just an illusion ya'll!)
 photo f6_zps278cd082.jpg
 photo f7_zps10d83508.jpg
Can't forget your Ferrari hat.  The mark of a true fan.
 photo f8_zpsaa2d2719.jpg
 photo f9_zps7aa092a8.jpg
Up close and personal with the drivers
 photo f91_zps326c9c21.jpg  photo f92_zpsd8ae601b.jpg
 photo sun_zps24431e2d.jpg
The view of the chicane from Turn 3.
 photo sun2_zps1849f884.jpg
A glorious Enzo
 photo sun3_zpsfd07c013.jpg
Adrian Sutil of Sahara Force India wrecks in the first lap.  Ouch.
 photo sun4_zpsb016b02f.jpg
Bryan's personal favorite, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes AMG Petronas
 photo sun5_zps1554c7b5.jpg
World champion and winner of Austin's Grand Prix, Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel
 photo sun6_zps53ac213d.jpg
 photo sun7_zpsd309246c.jpg
90 minutes later and finishing the last lap
     We just returned from Austin after attending our first Formula 1 race, and yes, I really enjoyed myself despite the almost 90 degree temperatures (whut?).  Somehow my husband turned me onto racing.  Not that I haven't always been a fan of fast, pretty cars but the thought of watching a race (The Fast and the Furious 1, 2, & 3 do not count) has never stepped into the forefront of my mind until Bryan became interested in autocrossing about a year ago. It's nice for us to add another common point of interest to talk about- his bromance with the drivers, how I need to make sure the Japanese Grand Prix finishes downloading on his computer, what new tires he wants for Christmas... ahhh yes, and so I welcome our newfound hobby with open arms.


Flannel Me Bad and Frito Musings

 photo plaidsan_zps374e9a26.jpg  photo plaid2san_zps8f858b9e.jpg  photo plaid3san_zpsb3c0c8a5.jpg  photo plaid4san_zps4d985b27.jpg  photo plaid5san_zpsde1fa894.jpg  photo plaid6san_zps16b22883.jpg // Zara flannel / Seven for All Mankind denim / Aldo hi-tops / Balenciaga Mini City bag / Target sunglasses / vintage bracelet //

     I'm sporting my festive fall flannel in celebration of the beautiful new weather here.  The outdoors has gotten a lot more pleasant (bike weather!), and I'm crossing my fingers that it will stay that way.  I kept myself pretty busy this weekend working on a home reno project, attending a packed Washed Out show, and partaking in one of the best party ideas ever- one dedicated to the mighty Frito Pie. Here is a glimpse of what this type of party may consist of...

 photo fritoo_zpsce91be07.jpg
...chips in all shapes and sizes (it's not just for fritos anymore), toppings galore (hello okra and sauerkraut frito pie!)
 photo fritoo2_zps3145e6b4.jpg
...and the finished product!

     To some, it may look utterly disgusting, but down south, we treat this as a delicacy consisting of a typical mix of fritos, chili, sour cream, and cheese.  Of course, there are plenty of other variations as shown above if you want to get wild. The party I attended even served up different types of chili such as regular, lamb, and vegan.  

     I will be hitting the race tracks this upcoming weekend in Austin for F1.  Bryan has been looking forward to this all year, and I'm excited to finally get to see a professional race.  Even if you're not into racing, I suggest adding the movie, Rush, to your playlist.  There's action, drama, and Chris Hemsworth all wrapped into 123 minutes.
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