Ruby Woo Loves You

// BB Dakota military coat / GAP 1969 gray stirrup jeggings / Colonial Madness boots / Target scarf / Zara satchel / MAC Ruby Woo lipstick //

So I am probably one of the only people in the world who have not tried MAC cosmetics (prior to this post). Wanting to finally see what I've been missing, I happily accompanied one of my MAC fanatic friends into the store. Lo and behold, the first lipstick I try on is the color I've been hunting down hi and lo- the mysterious Miss Woo. Ruby Woo that is. Bright electric red. I've been tracking down this color since seeing it in magazine spreads. Thankfully, some makeup god decided to shine down on me because now, I'm the proud owner of that darn bullet-shaped lipstick.


What I Would Love to Live In

Seriously soft basics with a twist. I discovered this designer while shopping at one of my favorite Houston boutiques, Leap. Fabrics are so soft to the touch and have interesting details like visible seams, delicate ruching, and asymmetrical straps. Comfort and design can co-exist.


Not Done with Wedges

// Nasty Gal sherpa aviator jacket / Forever21 chambray boyfriend top / Target peggings (pants + leggings= ha!) / diy fingerless gloves / Desmo bag / Minimarket space wedges //

I've been in the market for some black wedges after saying bye-bye to my JC "Pixie" and "Alicia" wedges. Yes, my tastes do seem to have a pretty high turnover rate these days. I found these Space Wedges marked down at My-Wardrobe and had a flashback from when I was drooling over all the fun wedges in the Fall 2010 Minimarket Lookbook. I love the height, a soaring 5 inches, which makes me a nice 6' 1". I'll have to remember to wear these out to crowded concerts where there's normally a tool blocking my line of sight. Nobody wants to mess with the girl with the monster shoes!



Bryan and I ran as fast as we could to Five Guys Burgers and Fries when we realized one just opened near us. We've been hearing a lot about their burgers and were curious to see if they lived up to their hype. I was impressed with the amount of topping choices for the price. I added fresh jalapenos on mine, and we shared the regular fries (which feeds two) with Cajun spices sprinkled all over. The burger was nice and juicy and the fries were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Next time, I'll go with the non-Cajun fries. The spices were a bit too salty for my taste. Overall, I would rate this place pretty high on my burger list. I'm still a huge fan of Fuddrucker's, but for the value, this is a great place to grab a quick, well-stocked juicy burger.


Warehouse Dreams

Photographer: Jay Marroquin
Stylist: Sarah Nezamzadeh
Designer: Lizzi London & Kachi Designs
Models: Teresa Merchant, Macie Crystal Baig, Sara Cremer, Jappa Lino, Val de Santos
Hair: Wesley Palmer, Julie Scores, Val de Santos
Makeup: Darcie Teasley, Laura Bueno

Behind-the-scenes photos taken by me while working as a production assistant for a Medusa-inspired photo shoot. Loved all the creamy earth tones paired with the intense makeup!


Wooly Mammoth

// MNG by Mango popcorn sweater / Vanessa Bruno Athé wool shorts / Target scarf / Zara bucket bag / black tights courtesy of Kushyfoot / Madison Harding wedge buckle boots //

Finally watched Tron 2.0 in 3D with Bryan and my younger twin sisters. I highly suggest watching the first one prior to watching the sequel as it could be a bit boring for someone unfamiliar with the storyline and expecting something really spectacular. Otherwise, I think it was a great continuation of the 80's movie featuring amazing new technology that brings a young Jeff Bridges back to life. Olivia Wilde is gorgeous as always and Michael Sheen (who I've become quite a fan of) plays a kooky Bowie-esque character. For realz.

Kushyfoot sent me some samples of their products awhile back including these tights. Now, on the outside they don't look extraordinary, but let me tell you, these tights have massaging soles. Yes, you heard it, little special pads on the bottoms of your feet that make them nice and comfy. These have been my go-to black tights. They're microfiber so they're sturdy (no runs yet!) and fit great. I will definitely be purchasing more when this pair gets worn out.


French Dressing

I've been taking a lot of cues from the French lately when it comes to zee wardrobe. Simple, chic, effortless.

They seem to know exactly how to dress women or is it the women just know how to dress themselves? Either way, they're my new inspiration.

Some leading ladies in the French movement:
// L to R: Clemence Poesy / Lou Doillon / Charlotte Gainsbourg //

A little treat from Vanessa Bruno.
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