Shadow Puppets

unlabeled striped hat : Eight Sixty white top : Isshu pocket sweater : Alex & Chloe "Don't say Non" necklace : skull & dagger necklace : spike bracelet from Invasion Shop : Serfontaine shorts : opaque tights : Chinese Laundry boots

I've always been a sun person. I live for the sun and when it's not out, I feel drained and lazy. Bryan, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. He gets super energetic when the day is gray. Isn't it interesting how the weather can dictate your mood? I mean, come on, if it wasn't for the sun, I couldn't make these cool shadow puppets on the fence. Really, is there anything better than playing out your childish behaviors in your backyard? I think not.


Akiko Ogawa FW 2009

I just realized what I've been missing in my closet. Beautiful deep blue pieces. Akiko Ogawa's Fall 2009 Collection is absolutely lovely. The color choices are perfect- black, dark blue, concrete, mauve, and ivory. I love her use of fur for texture, draping for fluid lines, sharp angles for futurism (a la Rick Owens), and strong shoulders for that confident look. The collection is feminine and elegant but with a slight edge. (Note to self: Add blue to wardrobe.)

BTW, Akiko's fall runway boots were the inspiration for Jeffrey Campbell's Clinic wedges and Madness boots. Here's Chanel Iman wearing Akiko's creation.

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jak and jil


Another Christmas Come and Gone

Calvin Klein sweater dress : Natalia Brulli "sacral" necklace : dollar store knee-highs : Jeffrey Campbell x LF ivory "Alexa" wedges

I know. Our tree is tiny, but it fits so well in that corner nook.

My very first attempt at Christmas decorating in our first place together!

Is it just me or did another Christmas just creep up on us and is now just a remnant of the past? I feel like the hands on my clock are spinning faster than ever. These are the times that remind me that we need to cherish our loved ones. How often do we take people for granted and then before we know it, they're gone just like the passing of time. Last night, Bryan and I went to visit my grandmother after the Christmas festivities with the family. Unfortunately. my grandma's failing health did not allow her to join us this year. My favorite Christmas moment was seeing my grandmother's face light up when she saw us walk through the door. Despite her lack of energy, she was able to muster everything she had to show us photos of her and my mother that were lying around in boxes and old photo albums. Just being with her and seeing her excitement from us coming to visit was really sweet.

I am going to curb my materialistic cravings this year and forgo after-Christmas shopping in dedication to my grandmother. She's been through so much. Her story of how she made it to America as a single mother with my mother and uncle is truly amazing. Life is precious and sensitive and every little bit of love counts.

With that in mind, I am incredibly thankful to have had our family over to our place for the first time. The Christmas party turned out splendid! The family got to check out our humble abode, and we all stuffed our face with turkey, ribs, mashed potatoes, collard greens, and the list goes on. Needless to say, our fridge is fully stocked right now. Can't wait to munch on the leftovers for the rest of the week. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and I will just go shopping vicariously through all of you! ;)


Got It in the Bag

DKNY drape cardigan : Mossimo Supply Co. boyfriend tee : DIY oversized safety pin necklace : The Quotation Mickey skull ring : vintage ring : Tripp NYC skinny pants : Desmo bag : Forever 21 trooper boots

When I first saw this bag, I immediately thought Chanel Cocoon. Ok, so it may not be Chanel, but it still has its high points that can give the Cocoon a run for its money. I love how big and soft this bag is plus it has some nice practical zippered pockets on each side. It's made of buttery nappa leather and the unstructured handles feel really comfortable sitting on my arms. Although the bag is a little large for my daily use, I'm pretty sure I'll be bringing it along on my New Year's trip.

The large safety pin necklace was something I saw on a blog once. I remembered that I had a large metal safety pin lying around in my drawers from an old skirt. Switched it out with another pendant on a long silver chain and viola! a new whimsical necklace. I'm having issues with the safety pin lying down properly but what the hey, no biggie.

Oh yeah, my hair is now a lighter shade of brown. Unfortunately, the box dye turned my blonde strip gray. I can just claim that I'm trying out the new gray-haired trend. :} Yeah, I didn't think it would work either.


United Nude Lookbook A/W 2009

Dory Benami from United Nude sent me these photos from their Autumn/Winter lookbook. In my previous post about the company, I mentioned how architecturally gorgeous their shoes are. Now I'm convinced that I'm going to need several pairs in my closet in addition to those Mary Janes already on my wishlist. I'll let the shoes speak for themselves.

If you happen to visit Amsterdam any time soon, United Nude just opened up a flagship store in October. Designed by Rem D. Koolhaas, the store shows off the shoes in a magnificent yet minimal atmosphere. Here, take a peek...

P.S.- United Nude is offering 15% off on online orders from now until January 31, 2010. Just visit www.unitednude.com and enter discount code "HolidaysUN".
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