Naked and Cheap

I never really gave Matt and Kim's music a second thought until I saw their video for "Lessons Learned." I give them major kudos.

I can't believe they went completely nude in the dead of winter in New York. I think I had 10 layers on the last time I was there in February. The video was a great idea to keep the budget low and I love the "no-holds-barred" effect. Check out their interview on Pitchfork about the video.


In other news, today I finally saw the new Rodarte for Target collection and was a tad disappointed. I wasn't completely disappointed simply because the online preview pics pretty much gave the collection away, and I wasn't too thrilled when seeing them there either. The main problem I had was with the quality of the pieces. I'm not into lace, but I can see right through shoddy materials. I knew it was a bad sign when some of the lace dresses reminded me of Halloween princess costumes.

The most popular piece seems to be the lace leopard print dress, and I was taken aback by it in person. The lace is stiff and feels very uncomfortable to the touch. Plus, the color is not a very flattering shade of orange. The only pieces I did like were the Asian-inspired print raincoat and a pair of jean shorts with braided detail. I put the raincoat back after seeing it was forty bucks. It was a little too thin to really be worth that much. I subsequently put the shorts back as well after noticing the raised seams in the middle of each leg which was just a design quirk that I wasn't into. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be buying anything from this GO collection, but I'll keep an open mind for the next ones.

Rodarte for Runway- YES

Rodarte for the Masses- Meh, not so much.

On a happier note, I did find 2 cute pairs of leggings from Target that I'm excited to wear with sweaters and tunic tops this winter!


  1. that video is insane! im in love. thank you so much for showing it


  2. My pleasure! I will definitely be keeping a closer eye out for Matt & Kim. Might have to check them out the next time they roll around.

  3. it's so interesting to see what comes out of some of these collaberations! unfortunatly, we agree with you, Rodarte's better on the runway.

    Maddy, Alec, and Rebecca
    La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society


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