So You Wanna Be A Winner, Eh?

I'm teaming up with CSN to bring you another giveaway! I'd be pretty dumbfounded if you couldn't find something you adore in their 200+ stores. Have a kitchen? Why not find yourself some nice, sturdy barstools? Seriously, this site has it all. I love interiors, so for me, it's like a designer's playground!

All you have to do is leave a comment in this post telling me how you would use your $35 gift certificate at CSN. Don't forget to leave your name and an email address.

Below are some of my favorite items.

1. DwellStudio Transportation Boudoir Pillow

2. DwellStudio Owls Boudoir Pillow in Sky

3. Diba Keep Her Mary Jane in Bordeaux

4. Knoll Bertoia Stool and Cushion

5. Napolean Indoor Waterfall

6. Diba May Belle Boots

7. George Kovacs Arc Lamp

8. Alessi Figure Rudy E Sventola Figurine by Marcello Jori and LPWK

9. Muholland Brothers Endurance Angler's Bag

10. Aimee Wilder Designs Snow Scene Wallpaper

11. George Nelson Sunburst Clock

The deadline to enter is a week from now, midnight of next Friday, Nov. 5, Central Standard Time.

The giveaway is only open to Canadian and U.S. readers, since they currently only ship to those two countries.

Good luck!


Ye Olden Days of Yore

Forever 21 boater hat : Zara cat tunic : vintage Liz Claiborne belt satchel : vintage ankle boots : fox tail from Ren Fest : vintage mice pins

This weekend I found myself at the Texas Renaissance Festival, yet again. There is just something magical about being transported back in time to the Medieval Days. The one in Plantersville, Texas is purportedly the largest Ren Fest in the world, so I'll count myself lucky to be able to experience it. This is probably my 3rd or 4th time going, and it's always a great time. People really stay in character and the permanent structure is actually quite large in which you need to stay at least the whole day to experience it all. There are a ton of vendors with very cool knick knacks and accessories. For example, I picked up a fox tail for about 15 bucks as opposed to LV's $1,000+ version. Actually, if anyone else wants one, here's the link to the vendor's site. Don't get turned off by the bad html. It's worth browsing since the prices are so reasonable.

The one big disappointment, however, came with finding out that they did not bring back the Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches this year. I tried not to get discouraged and bought a huge bag of Kettle Corn instead which hopefully, is at least a healthier option out of the two. So if anyone is in Texas during the months of October and November, I would highly recommend checking out the Fest. If you're not into the delicious food options, jousting, fun rides and games, medieval shopping, or ladies busting out of their corsets, then you'll at least be highly amused by the costumes.

Oh yes, and I finally put on that darn cat tunic. I bought it after seeing it on Zara's lookbook but have been hesitant to wear it after seeing it on every blogger and their mother. I figured it was about time to bring it out before it got pushed to the back of the closet (a.k.a No Man's Land). I even found a wiley pair of mice pins to finish off the look!


Brunch at the Moustache

[Staring at Stars top : Flying Monkey jeans : vintage belt and boots : Zara bag]

Welcome to my Sunday brunch outfit. I rarely ever get up in time for brunch (ok, it depends on what kind of fun-filled evening I had the night before), but last weekend I couldn't pass up a 3-course $10 brunch special at Cafe Moustache and of course, getting to spend a lazy Sunday with friends. I had the salad (which I chowed down before any picture-taking), the trout, and sour cherry crepe. Lucky for me, I got to taste the peach almond and chocolate banana crepes too courtesy of the hubs and friend.

These days it seems like time just flies by. I don't know how many of you have a 9 to 5 (or in my case an 8:30 to 5:30 at the earliest), but any time I have left after work just disappears in a heartbeat and then it's time to wake up to a new day. I'm still trying to strike the right balance with keeping up with this blog, working, and having a life. If anyone has any tips, I'm ready to listen.

This upcoming weekend I'll be filling my stomach with Fried Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches and Scottish eggs at the Texas Renaissance Festival. In case you've never been to Ren Fair or better yet, you just like food that's really bad for you, then you should probably stay tuned for my next post.


HFIG Houston Fashion Week

Monday Night's event at High Fashion Home
(featuring clothing from Em & Lee, Moss, Ego, and High Fashion Home boutiques)
Friday Night's Show at Tranquility Park
Collection from ElaniBLU
Yay to this year's very first Houston Fashion Week! I only made it to 2 events, but as far as I could tell, things are headed in the right direction. I wasn't able to make it to Audi's runway show which featured Christian Siriano, Chloe Dao, and Lela Rose among others, but local fashion entrepreneurs, Shawn Kingsley and David Nguyen (Danny Nguyen's twin brother), put on their own events with the rest of the HFI (Houston Fashion Independence) Group. Their hard work and dedication definitely paid off. In addition to a week full of fashionable events, this past Thursday and Friday showcased 18 independent designers. I made it out to last night's show and found that downtown's Tranquility Park was the perfect venue and backdrop for the outdoor event. It helped that the weather was spot on as well!

It's about time Houston began upping its ante on the fashion side. We're a little slow on the pickup since it seems that Austin and Dallas have already begun their own fashion weeks. With The Galleria, high fashion boutiques such as Tootsies, and notable fashion designers hailing from this town, you would think a fashion week would have developed by now. Apparently, Houston just needed the right formula of motivated minds and that extra push to finally find its niche.

P.S.- For more pics from Houston's Fashion Week, check out Jay Marroquin's blog.
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