HFIG Houston Fashion Week

Monday Night's event at High Fashion Home
(featuring clothing from Em & Lee, Moss, Ego, and High Fashion Home boutiques)
Friday Night's Show at Tranquility Park
Collection from ElaniBLU
Yay to this year's very first Houston Fashion Week! I only made it to 2 events, but as far as I could tell, things are headed in the right direction. I wasn't able to make it to Audi's runway show which featured Christian Siriano, Chloe Dao, and Lela Rose among others, but local fashion entrepreneurs, Shawn Kingsley and David Nguyen (Danny Nguyen's twin brother), put on their own events with the rest of the HFI (Houston Fashion Independence) Group. Their hard work and dedication definitely paid off. In addition to a week full of fashionable events, this past Thursday and Friday showcased 18 independent designers. I made it out to last night's show and found that downtown's Tranquility Park was the perfect venue and backdrop for the outdoor event. It helped that the weather was spot on as well!

It's about time Houston began upping its ante on the fashion side. We're a little slow on the pickup since it seems that Austin and Dallas have already begun their own fashion weeks. With The Galleria, high fashion boutiques such as Tootsies, and notable fashion designers hailing from this town, you would think a fashion week would have developed by now. Apparently, Houston just needed the right formula of motivated minds and that extra push to finally find its niche.

P.S.- For more pics from Houston's Fashion Week, check out Jay Marroquin's blog.


  1. Looooove it;)))))))


  2. Wooh you're so lucky to get fashion week! I live in Prague and this is the first year there is a major fashion event taking place; and it's still only fashion weekend.

    Great blog! Loving it!

    Sofia Leo x


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