For the Love of Food

top and denim: banana republic, shoes: nine west, bag: elizabeth claiborne, necklace: gifted from mom
Garlic Seared Calamari, Oyster Mushrooms, Red Onion, Chinese Parsley with Soy Reduction
Wild Mushroom Ravioli, Truffle Oil and Lemon Sage
Pan Seared New Zealand Sea Bass and Giant Scallop, Leek Couscous, Oyster Mushrooms, Corn Compote, Miso Butter
Paella Risotto, Diver Scallop, Prawns, Rock Shrimp and Texas Dry Sausage Stewed in Saffron Stock with Carnarolli Rice

So I figured it's been awhile since my last food post or any post for that matter, so I've compiled some food pics I've had saved on my desktop. As we speak, I'm enjoying cake truffles from Cacao Sweets and Treats which were a pleasant birthday surprise. The first photos are from a little get-together and by little, I mean just my friend and I, as we had girl talk, wine, and her great cooking. Don't you love it when friends cook for you just because they feel like it? The remaining pics are from Houston's Restaurant Week. I only got to take advantage of one restaurant this year, but next time, I shall be fully prepared to take on some more great cuisines. The pics above are from Masraff's, one of the more popular destinations as it seems from the reviews on Yelp. It doesn't hurt either that it was a recommendation from a foodie friend. I would love to try the restaurant again outside of food week. They seem to have a pretty eclectic sampling of what's called Nouveau American food, and the owner was extremely cordial and open to explaining his ideas and influences.

Foodwise, I think Houston is going in a wonderful direction, and I'm excited to see it veer out to risky territory. For example, I received an email from a friend today informing me of a new Mac N' Cheese place that just opened up. I have yet to go to MacBar in New York, so of course I'm intrigued. 17 different kinds of gourmet macaroni cheese dishes is just what my inner fat kid craves. I might very well have to bring a mac n' cheese checklist with me each time I go.


  1. mmmmm food :P

    i love your pants! makes you look so tall. hehe :D

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  2. I love the colours of your outfit!

  3. the color of that top is stunning on you. and wild mushroom ravioli is one of my favorites :-)

  4. I like your outfit a lot, And I love how colorful and flavorful the food looks :)


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