I feel pretty and witty and bright!

// Nicole Miller mini jacket / leaf dress c/o Langford Market / Franco Sarto captoe flats / vintage leaf cuff / Essie Chinchilly nail polish //

Never been much of a girly girl, but some days, I just get in the mood to wear pink and frills. It all started with this sweet cropped jacket that I pulled out from the depths of my closet and the rest is history. And yes, I do mix my metals. I don't care what you think, silver + gold + rose gold (did I leave anything out?) = ok in my books!

Man, looking forward to a long Labor Day weekend! Coming soon... a fabu giveaway!


Alien Scribe on the Wall

// Rachel Tyler top / Serfontaine shorts / Levity sandals (now on sale!) / Liz Claiborne bag / choker bought in London //

I couldn't resist taking photos in front of this ad agency which immediately conjured up images of the Starship Enterprise in my head. It just so happened that my outfit seemed to seamlessly blend in as well. Coincidence? Fate? Whatever you call it, I think I could hear my Mothership calling me.

I can usually say that I eat pretty healthily, but when my friend suggested we meet up for brunch at Xuco Xicana, all inhibitions went out the door. I do tend to get weak in the knees for good Tex-Mex. Those who have no idea what I'm talking about, just take a good look at the photos below. Pure bliss in the form of Mexican food with a Texas twist. The cook on duty, Jonathan Jones, has made quite the name for himself all around town. I must give him my utmost kudos for creating such a delicious meal.
Yes, the food was just as good as it looks.
Tacos Guisados Ahogados
Migas Con Queso

// Guided by Voices " A Salty Salute" //


Those Frenchies

// Original Penguin fedora / Vanessa Bruno Athé top / Target ponte pants / Zara messenger bag / Minimarket wedges / jewelry from Green Dragonfly, F21, Target, and vintage //

It was not too long ago when I remember singing the praises of those Scandinavians and their "cool as a cucumber" style. They know just how to perfectly pull off the minimal look without coming off like a bore. Yes, my affections do still partially reside with that side of Europe (eh hem, Minimarket wedges), but it seems that the French has once again charmed the pants off of me (j/k! They're still on. I promise!). Since I've been known to be pretty laid back, the "effortless" look is quite appealing. It's amazing how French masterminds like Isabel Marant are able to transform comfy chic into a cult phenomenon. Hello, Dicker boots! Speaking of, I'll be doing a review soon on several Dicker lookalikes for those who can't fathom spending $600+ for what's basically a pair of simple suede western-style ankle boots.

In the meantime, let's enjoy some Kate Bosworth in all her etherealness in Vanessa Bruno's latest lookbook...


Just Another Day in Austin

// Forever 21 boater and sunnies / Club Monaco necklace / top c/o Langford Market / Serfontaine shorts / By Paige fox loafers //
Pumpkin pancakes- sooo good...
Jess' very photogenic hairless Chinese Crested named Bowie

These pics were from our second day in Austin, which is always a good day to unwind and do a little shopping. After attempting to get breakfast at the uber popular Kerby Lane and realizing that the wait at the least popular location would be more than an hour and half, we found ourselves at The Original Pancake House. And you know what? It was just as good or even better. Any place that has bacon pancakes is alright in my book. Despite not indulging in the bacon pancakes (next time, I swear), I devoured my cinnamon-spiced pumpkin ones.

After breakfast, I dragged Bryan and the boys down to South Congress, so I could stop by my favorite Austin store, Feathers. Note to anyone who visits Austin, the store is lovely so don't forget to stop in.

P.S.- Here's my Yelp review of Feathers if you're interested. I know, I'm completely getting into Yelp! Is it weird that I want to review every place I go to now?

// Queen "Somebody to Love" // [click here to see Freddie Mercury in all his amazingness]


I'm on a Boat!

// Z Spoke collab dress with Daisy de Villeneuve / Jack Daniels Ginger Splash //
Pineapple faces!
PBR- beer of champions // twinsies!
twin "Little Twin Star" tattoo #1
twin "Little Twin Star" tattoo #2
unofficial nude beach at Hippie Hollow
// Target cutout swimsuit / Forever 21 sunnies / Blowfish sandals -- on Jessica: swimsuit from Modcloth / awesome Porsche sunnies //

Ok, so really, it's just an oversized floating 2-story deck, but you get the idea. I had a blast in Austin as always even though I spent more time on water than on land. A little known fact about me is that I don't swim, so even getting on a floatie in the middle of a lake was a big accomplishment. Granted, I also had a life vest on for, you know, double protection.

We celebrated a friend's big 3-0 and what better way to do so than on Lake Travis with some of your closest friends? I got to bond with old friends, make new ones, and hey, I even got a tan!

// penguin prison "a funny thing" //


Modern Details for Everyday Wear

// Mint by Goorin hat / dress c/o Langford Market / Deena & Ozzy sandals / Zara bag / bracelet from local shop //

If you haven't noticed, I've been wearing a lot more dresses. I guess this heat has really talked me into it. They're so versatile and transition well from day to night. I love this one, in particular, because it has my favorite details- epaulets, zippers, and lots of pockets. It has the extra oomph I need in a good wardrobe staple. The hardware keeps the girly to a minimum and the pockets are perfect for stuffing your hands into if you're in the habit of doing so.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I was in Austin celebrating a friend's birthday and soaking up some rays, so stay tuned for pics from a fun-filled weekend on a party barge!

// the sea and cake "weekend" //


White Linen Night

Doh! Forgot to get Jess to take a photo of me in my outfit, so this is what you get. Sue Wong Dress, Little O by Wolfbrother necklace, Deena & Ozzy sandals
Details, details...
The cutest couple at the party!
Cash for foodz...
My friend, Jen's, totally on point Smurfette necklace. Not sure if the movie is worth watching though...

Every year The Heights hosts a White Linen Night, which has grown to become a really large block party along Houston's cutest retail street. Think open air markets, free booze, and late night antiquing. The theme is a not surprising, "white." So everyone gets to pull out that white outfit they rarely get to wear because really, we all subconsciously just like to get dirty, are afraid to get dirty, or just can't help but get dirty. I digress.

Jess had never been to White Linen, so I thought it would be good to get her out of the house. Apparently, she hadn't seen much of the outdoors after her trip to New York, and frankly, I don't blame her. Jess got a turkey leg out of the deal, and me, my kettle corn. We also discovered some local jewelry makers that blew us out of the water with their creations. Can't wait to share them with you!

// let's wrestle "i won't lie to you" //
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