Scandinavian Envy

Today's outfit is brought to you by my love for the Scandinavian fashion sense (think Acne and Filippa K). Ideally, I would dress like this every day, but unfortunately, my moods tend to dictate what I wear. For example, if I'm sick, I like to dress up girly. Those are the days when I wear that cute dress or skirt I've thrown to the back of the closet. I guess the prettiness of the frills counterbalances the ugliness of my mood. However, my latest style revelations have been mainly inspired by street fashion from that lovely area of Scandinavia. Draping, modern silhouettes, and simple yet sometimes slightly quirky footwear that complements rather than overbears the rest of the outfit. Basically- effortless, comfortable, and chic. Although if you know me, I'm not a very serious dresser (or person for that matter), so I tend to add a little whimsicality to my outfits. In today's case, it would be a disco ball.
Nope, I have no idea where this necklace came from storewise except that when one of my sisters had it hanging on her neck, I had to have it. Some kid at her middle school gave it to her. Yes, I feel like an evil sister for coaxing her into giving it to me, but I believe it will quickly become a meaningless bauble to her while I, on the other hand, will add it to my collection of treasures.
I am wearing a Forever 21 drape front cardigan that I bought recently. I have been looking for the perfect black one and just happened to stumble across this one which was misplaced in the store. I love the way it naturally drapes in the front without me having to fiddle with it. This particular one also has a shorter back which allows some of the inner shirt to peek through.

My inside shirt is the Urban Outfitters Carrot Tee which I can't seem to find anymore on the site. It is super soft, has the perfect slouchiness, a more modern wide neck cut, and falls at a longer tunic length. I'm glad I grabbed this shirt in 3 different colors because they have since become some of my most versatile tops.

I've been looking for the longest time for a pair of skinny dark denim jeans that fit like leggings. I was lucky enough to grab the last pair at half off at a store in Houston called Wish. They are by Flying Monkey, and I found a site that sells a large array of styles here. I thought the jeans were too small at first, but they have gradually stretched out just enough to make them extremely comfortable. The trick with buying skinny jeans is to get them in one size too small. They will most likely stretch out which defeats the point of them being skinny- so just go for the smaller size. Another trick is a good wash & dry will shrink those babies back up!
(P.S.- My other favorite brand for skinny jeans is Tripp NYC. They come in so many colors, are completely affordable, and sometimes come with cute details like studs shaped like skull & crossbones).

Finally, I recently found these wedge boots by Madison Harding on Ebay. They are in a lovely shade of gray and have some slouch. The buckles are what sold me though. I'm so glad to have stumbled across these. I was even able to incorporate them in my Halloween costume. With the help of some diy furry legwarmers, they made the perfect Koala feet.


  1. i love your shoes, and i love your blog!

  2. Goodness, I'm completely in love with those kind of cardigans and shirts! Whenever I see one I just have a sudden urge to get it. Really like your overall outfit, great shoes and what an awesome pendant!!

  3. Ahhh, yes! I love the simplicity of your outfit, but I think I love the wedge boots even more. Those are a great eBay find for sure.

  4. love the way the drape softens the look in contrast to the sweeet astro boots!



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