A Day in the Park

Finally got to go on a nice picnic with the hubby and enjoy some Chardonnay and Jimmy John's. The weather was lovely.

My feet look wonky here 'cause I just narrowly escaped a bad spill. The ground was damp from condensation, and my shoes had no traction whatsoever!

The mysterious disappearing hand...

We were lucky enough to catch some Capoeira action!

Joie blazer, Comme Des Garcons bow top, unknown label leather butterfly choker, Forever 21 skirt, unknown label opaque tights, vintage patent oxfords

So I am not known to wear florals. Ever. However, I came across this fun little skirt at Forever 21 the other day and immediately had to have it. It has a wonderful liberty print and the frilliness gives a lot of bounce to it! I think me and florals have just broken the barrier.

This choker has been sitting patiently on my necklace hook for a very long time. I got it a million years ago when chokers were cool. It has a laser-cut butterfly (I usually don't wear butterflies either) on a braided leather rope. I guess I just had to add one more extra theme to the bow and florals. Probably a little too much especially for me, but sometimes it's ok to get out of your comfort zone.
Before we left, I took some random photos around the park. This guy's girl ran off because she was afraid of the camera. I hope he found her!

This front yard looked really cozy and inviting. There was also a pug in the window, but I don't think it liked me.


  1. OMG i have no patience for picnics, at all! Lol
    Nice to see you doing capoeira, brazilian culture rocks!
    Come check out the new posts fashionistas! ;)

    @ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

  2. Love your outfit; especially those patent oxfords.

  3. the light is these pictures is stunning!
    so so pretty...


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