Marilyn Manson Reunited

Writing a paper at 1am in the morning means your eyes are going to wander. When they do, you may come across epic shoes like these Jeffrey Campbells that just arrived at Oak.

Bondage boots meet industrial psych ward. JC went all out on these. I think having both the buckles and the bolted metal are a little too over the top for my taste, but they're still pretty fun to look at. They're almost museum worthy, wouldn't you say?

I bet I'm going to kick myself later for not getting these. I bet they look amazing on!

P.S.- The post title was what came out of hubby's mouth after seeing these shoes.


  1. Hanh,I immediately thought of you when I saw these! I know you could pull these off flawlessly!

  2. i feel like i need these. great post!

  3. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this style from JC. He's always stepping it up in terms of design. And I'm sure the price point isn't bad either. What a great boot, thanks for sharing this.

    p.s. I die for Oak.

  4. holy these are like those opening ceremony buckle strap shoes x stella mccartney wedges x alexander wang ish toe. hahahahhahaha ultimate trend shoe, and they are sexy as hell!


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