Sartorial Sabotage

The other day I came home to find that my Free People catalog had been vandalized:

(I actually thought that crocheted horse cape was quite nice)

(do I sense some sarcasm here?)

Now, I know Bryan likes looking through my catalogs, especially the ones I get from Free People, but this time, he took it a step beyond. Hmm... this may turn out to be something to look forward to.

I guess
it's nice to get the boy's take on fashion sometimes even though Man Repeller often comes to mind.
Either way, that boy seriously cracks me up.

For example, he took a snapshot of this for me the other day:

It's a new bar opening up here. I'll be sure to report back to you on the crowd that ends up showing up at this place. I wonder if they'll have an Ed Hardy fashion police.


Tame Mane

Before I chopped off my locks, the only time my hair ever touched a flat iron was at a salon. I never really got into the idea of straightening my mostly straight hair because I was lazy and didn't really think I needed it. However, my new shorter 'do seems to need much more attention and care to keep it styled right. I inherited some random semi-waves from my dad causing my hair to go in different directions. Unless I'm going for a messy beach look, I figured it best to do something about it.

So when I was approached by Misikko to review their ceramic flat iron, I was quick to say yes. I already owned a 2 1/4" iron which is not only bulky but also inconvenient for travel. Thankfully, Misikko sent me a perfectly-sized 1" iron which works like a dream- it heats up quickly, is easy to use, and definitely much more light-weight than my old one. I have to say I've become pretty addicted to doing new things with my hair since the cut and after discovering the wonders of a flat iron. My next feat is learning how to create curls with my new pink friend.

I'll be coming back to Misikko for more fun hair tools. I was surprised to find a pretty large selection of items in their shop. I'm thinking the tourmaline hair dryer might be next on my list.


Missing in Action

Dirty Burger (stuffed with fries)

Houston style dog (lots of jalapenos)

These were taken awhile back from a jaunt at Liberty Station, a cozy bar with apparently "no crap on tap" and a nice, greasy food truck conveniently parked right outside. I felt right at home here with its retro decor, cozy fireplace, and yes... foosball machine. Granted, I can't play a lick of foosball, but it was fun just watching us fumble around with the machine.
As you can tell from the last photo, we were not the winning team.


Patriotism is Underrated

// practically everything thrifted from head to toe courtesy of Jessica's bountiful studio o' thrift //

Hanging out with Jessica is like being in a time warp. A big happy thrifted time warp. She's not kidding when she says she has 1000s of thrifted treasures in her studio! I'm a huge fan of thrifting myself, but this girl takes it to a whole 'nother level. She'll be moving soon and cleaning out her stash, so watch out for some amazing listings coming soon to her shop!

P.S.- I know she's trying to downsize, but I can still smell a thrifting adventure a mile away...


History of the World

photos taken by VintageVirgin // vintage sweater and shorts / Minimarket boots / headdress from Southern Importers //

A pretty ironic outfit put together by the lovely and amazing-with-scissors VintageVirgin. Who knew a Ralph Lauren-esque thrift store sweater could look so good? And yes, that girl diyed the heck out of the back. Be on the lookout for more photoshoots with me and Ms. Virgin.

The other night a friend told me that I should get Twitter. I have been trying to avoid it all this time because seriously, I thought Facebook status updates took care of all that. Well, I've decided to succumb to the whole Tweet phenomenon, since it seems to be a better forum for updates for this blog and you can link it to Facebook as well. I guess there are those moments when I wish I had someone to share them with. I'm thinking more food updates, shopping travels, and random thoughts are coming your way in the near future!

Please join me HERE on Twitter!


That Ring

A while back I had posted about Dominic Jones and his beautiful sleek jewelry. After seeing this photo from 5 inch and up, I suddenly have a renewed interest in those gorgeous pieces again.

The Outnet has several of his pieces, including the claw ring, at drastically reduced prices if anyone is just as enamored as I am.


Lavender Bells

// vintage sweater / Penguin hat / Gap denim / Madison Harding boots / Zara bag / McDonald's fries necklace from Harajuku Loft //

This handmade lavender sweater immediately caught my eye while thrifting. The knit is ridiculously soft and the bell sleeves are satisfyingly huge. I just don't have enough purples in my wardrobe, so this sweater is a great way to jump start my collection. I've always been big into color combos especially purples paired with grays. I had to complete it with an overall pastel color scheme.
I guess I have Easter on the mind!

Also, please forgive me for taking so long to post the winners of my last giveaways. The winner of the CSN gift certificate is Liz and the international winner of the clutch and necklace is Hanna!
Congrats to the both of you!


Life's Little Pleasures

// Original Penguin fedora / Forever 21 sweatshirt and necklace / Zara cat tunic and purse / vintage ankle boots //

After our lunch at Tiny Boxwoods, Bryan and I had a much needed weekend date at The Kemah Boardwalk, a cute little waterfront tourist trap right outside of Houston. On our way there, we took a detour to a nature conservatory that caught Bryan's eye, but alas, it turned out to be just a marsh and wooded trail.

Once we got back on the right path, we headed on to to our original destination for carnival fun:
  • scared ourselves sh*tless on a large wooden rollercoaster
  • romantic ride on the ferris wheel
  • got a nice buzz off of Long Island Ice Tea
  • strolled along the boardwalk
A beautiful, relaxing day was spent with the one I love. They seem so rare these days with our busy schedules that never seem to match up. Sometimes I just wish that life would slow down, but as I get older, the more things I want to take on especially on the creative side.

I love the idea of Phi Style and Clouds of Tulle's technology fast. I'm just going to say it now. That is one brave feat! Remember those days of snail mail and knowing people's phone numbers by heart? I sometimes get nostalgic for those simple times while still wondering how I ever survived without the internet and my data package.

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