Life's Little Pleasures

// Original Penguin fedora / Forever 21 sweatshirt and necklace / Zara cat tunic and purse / vintage ankle boots //

After our lunch at Tiny Boxwoods, Bryan and I had a much needed weekend date at The Kemah Boardwalk, a cute little waterfront tourist trap right outside of Houston. On our way there, we took a detour to a nature conservatory that caught Bryan's eye, but alas, it turned out to be just a marsh and wooded trail.

Once we got back on the right path, we headed on to to our original destination for carnival fun:
  • scared ourselves sh*tless on a large wooden rollercoaster
  • romantic ride on the ferris wheel
  • got a nice buzz off of Long Island Ice Tea
  • strolled along the boardwalk
A beautiful, relaxing day was spent with the one I love. They seem so rare these days with our busy schedules that never seem to match up. Sometimes I just wish that life would slow down, but as I get older, the more things I want to take on especially on the creative side.

I love the idea of Phi Style and Clouds of Tulle's technology fast. I'm just going to say it now. That is one brave feat! Remember those days of snail mail and knowing people's phone numbers by heart? I sometimes get nostalgic for those simple times while still wondering how I ever survived without the internet and my data package.


  1. the pics are really beautiful and I'm crazy about that outfit, it's wonderful!

  2. love the photos :)
    especially the first one.

  3. Love ur outfit , U look really nice ! :)
    Photos are adorable.
    Have a nice day ! xx

  4. The outfit you wore is so cute and playful :) I really love how you look with a hat and blue really suits you !

  5. great pictures, love your outfit! such a lovely skirt.

  6. i really love this post! you're beautiful and the outfit is perfect (skirt love)

    I need your help, if you like my look please vote me here


    Thank you very much!!

  7. that photo of you with the telescope thing is amazing! they are all but I especially love that one! I need to go to a fair sometime this Spring, it's been too long. Fabulous post & outfit :)


  8. Awesome pictures! I love your outfit:-)I wish I had more days like these in my life...

  9. beautiful photos!I love the last one!


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