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Two of my favorite Houston street artists, Eyesore and Ack!, put on a show together this past weekend.  I would say their style is completely the opposite of each other, but opposites attract, right?  From Eyesore's more macabre subjects done in precise pen and ink strokes to Ack!'s signature drooling boy, their art actually complemented each other quite well.  There was a great response to the show, and these guys will be making another appearance at the street art exhibition at The Station Museum on May 25th from 7-10pm.  Come check out some of the best street artists that Houston has to offer!


Use Your Noodle

 photo brach_zps1f2e5fb4.jpg

Found these adorable bags by Bracher Emden via Fab.com.  Looks like clay spaghetti which brings out both the kid and foodie in me.


Nike Dunk Sky Hi // Tokyo Edition

 photo kit2ront_zpsf5960256.jpg
 photo kit3ront_zps6374c7a0.jpg
 photo kitront_zpsc8913470.jpg
// BWGH x Kitsune sweatshirt / Flying Monkey denim / Nike Dunk Sky Hi City Pack "Tokyo" sneaker / Dimoni bag //

Found a new sneaker favorite.  I never really fell into the hologram trend until I saw the details on these shoes.  I swear.  The Swoosh logo never looked so good.  The mint tongue tab (which you can't really tell in the photos) mixed with the neutral linen and hologram accents make for a deadly combo and one that I think would make Tokyo quite proud.  
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