'Tis the Season

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     This post is late coming due to the rush of holidays and travel. However, it just shows that the holiday season is full of celebration enjoyed with friends and family. These pictures are from the Settlement Goods holiday party where I made some last minute purchases, drank spiked eggnog, and boogied to the grooves of DJ Thin Mint. I hope everyone's holiday has been wonderful so far. I am catching a flight to Des Moines, Iowa to spend New Year's with Bryan who has a long layover there for work. Looking forward to ringing in the new year while spending time in a new city, cuddling in freezing temperatures, and hopefully seeing some snow!


My New Hobby May Be a Little Disturbing

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But first some outfit posts to throw you off...
// vintage sweater / Joe's Jeans Second Skin skinnies / Faux/Real necklace / Nettie Kent ring / Pamela Love cutout ring / Zara bag / Isabel Marant boots //

     So this past weekend I did something really cool (although some would disagree with me). I learned how to taxidermy! I've never been squeamish about dissecting in biology. Actually, I quite liked it but only in an educational way of course (cue in Hannibal Lecter's voice). When my friend, Maclean, from Houston Makerspace posted about an upcoming taxidermy class, I figured it couldn't be much different than high school dissection with a nicer result, so I jumped at the opportunity. I mean, how many people do you know who taxidermy? Yeah, that's a check off my ole' bucket list! 

     I will spare any pictures I took during class since the bunnies did look awfully cute before we skinned them.  I currently have the rest of the rabbit in my freezer (tmi?) and plan on making a butt plaque.  Yes, that would be a plaque with the other end of the rabbit.  Surprisingly, Bryan was completely turned off by my taxidermied rabbit and banned it from the house.  Sad face.  Apparently, it reminded him too much of the anthropomorphic rabbit stories he heard during childhood.  So I guess I'll just taxidermy a squirrel next. 

Currently, my rabbit is resting peacefully in my office at work while it dries for 3 weeks:
 photo cowbunny_zpsa9e498af.jpg
Doesn't it look so much more normal wearing a little hat?

   The girl who taught the class is Mickey Alice Kwapis from The Detroit Academy of Taxidermy. She's a super cute and sassy, young entrepreneur (only 23!) and making a name for herself by traveling the world teaching classes on how to taxidermy.  Hmm... what was I doing at 23? Oh yeah, dancing to electro music! Seriously, I wish I had that sort of drive at her age to start a unique and sustainable business.  Sheesh.

Three things:
  1. If you're interested in learning how to taxidermy, check out her schedule and see if she's coming to a town near you. Or rile up some interest in your city and schedule one yourself.  
  2. Check out her blog.  Her stories are quirky and her point of view is fresh.  I'm completely intrigued and can't stop reading her posts!  
  3. Mickey will be back in Houston in March to teach more classes if you missed out this time.  Yay!  
For those still shaking their heads at taxidermy, I found a video from the World Taxidermy Championships that gives an interesting perspective on its artistic side:


Luxury Meets Charity at Native Citizen

     For all my Houstonians... tomorrow night artist, Edgar Medina, and Purple Aura Jewels will be hosting a charity event in support of Tahirih Justice Center that provides pro-bono services to women and girls that have been affected by gender-based violence and persecution. 

 photo natara_zps6574c189.jpg

I will be making my way over there after work.  Hope you can all join me so we can show our support for a good cause and help make this a successful event! 


Saint Cloud

     The grand opening of the much anticipated accessories boutique, Saint Cloud, has come and gone, and I am already excited about making my second visit to the shop.  There is so much eye candy that it's hard not to want to stay the entire day in the beautifully-designed space.  Despite it being a very chilly evening (for Houston standards), Friday's Grand Opening party was jam-packed with a fashionable crowd ready for a glimpse of what the store has to offer. 

 photo cloud91_zps553d2c4c.jpg
 photo cloud9_zps380680ee.jpg
LED honeycomb installation designed by Garrett Hunter
 photo cloud2_zps6680622a.jpg
Saint Cloud's Founders, Jessica Rios and Cecilia Marquez
 photo cloud7_zps5cd5447e.jpg
Linda Farrow sunglasses, Clare Vivier duffle bag, and Kelly Wearstler clutches
 photo cloud5_zps735f155d.jpg
 photo cloud6_zps89ca43c6.jpg
Jerome Dreyfuss and Marie Turnor leather bags
 photo cloud92_zps85eff297.jpg
Ran into the talented Claire Webb and her beautiful stackable rings
 photo cloudy_zpsb81291b2.jpg
Custom-designed wallpaper by Alex Rosa
 photo cloud3_zps66290d8a.jpg
 photo cloud93_zpse21090c6.jpg
 photo cloud96_zpsdc9c399d.jpg
Minimal jewelry by Vita Fede
 photo cloud98_zps967fa5ee.jpg
 photo cloud94_zpsc47754bd.jpg
Beautifully braided Alyssa Norton pieces
 photo cloud97_zps54e2a9cc.jpg
Museum-worthy adornments by Lizzie Fortunato
 photo cloud99_zps0f87b8c9.jpg
Some fun and games while sampling the goods
 photo cloud992_zpsfc642a6f.jpg
Interior designer, Garrett Hunter; Creative Director, Cecilia Marquez; and Kelly Matthews
 photo cloud993_zps7e6d100d.jpg
Alex Rosa in front of his specially-designed wallpaper for the store
I'm assuming many of you are still scrambling for Christmas gifts like I am.  Saint Cloud has a great selection of covetable items for both men and women and if you don't want to leave the house, you can also shop their user-friendly website.

Saint Cloud Boutique
5217 Kelvin
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 522-0077
Tues-Sat: 10-6
Sun: 12-5


Playing Favorites

 photo fivey_zps8ed14b3f.jpg
Not a style roundup but a roundup nonetheless!  I often discover new products, edibles, etc. that I get excited to share.  Here are my top 5 picks that I've been digging lately:

1) Parenthood- A family-oriented show focusing on three generations of the Braverman family and their trials and tribulations.  With a good mix of recognizable actors (Craig T. Nelson, Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, Dax Shephard, Erika Christensen...), character development, and the ability to make Bryan and I tear up in practically every episode, I have officially become hooked. 

2) Sebastian Microweb Fiber- This stuff is like magic especially for those with shorter, layered hair.  I can rub this product in my hands and run it through my hair, do a little scrunching, and get instant textured, volumized hair.  It's not as easy to use now that my hair is getting longer and the layers are growing out, but that only gives me an excuse to get a trim or possibly cut my hair short again? 

3) Noosa Yoghurt- Seriously the creamiest yoghurt I've ever tasted.  I've been a Fage loyalist, but I am adding this to my list of healthy treats.  It seems there's no low-fat/non-fat version of this, so go ahead and use this as your weapon against ice cream cravings.  You'll be just as satisfied!

4) Stila Stay All Day Beauty Balm- Intrigued by the BB Cream hysteria, I've tested several different brands including Korean brand, Skin 79, which were all too heavy (or glittery) for me.  Stila's Beauty Balm has a light coverage that feels like I'm not wearing anything but still evens out my texture and redness.  I don't use foundation but wanted to lighten up my moderate rosacea, and this certainly helps and dries to a nice soft finish.  If you have dry skin and want to get a dewy look, Stila also has the Illuminating version.   

5) Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Lip Balm-I've completely switched out my lipsticks for these Chubby Sticks.  I've tried the regular ones, but the color is minimal and doesn't last.  The Intense leaves a "stain" and keeps the color on your lips for hours (even after eating).  These also moisturize better than lipsticks.  My current favorite color is Chunkiest Chili, a color that's similar to my favorite Clinique lipstick, Berry Freeze. 

Do you guys have any great finds to share?  I'd love to hear your Top 5! 


Oversized is Everything

 photo fursan_zps898685ba-1.jpg
 photo fur2san_zps5d2d1be3-1.jpg
 photo fur3san_zps6194752c-1.jpg
 photo fur4san_zps07707998-1.jpg
 photo fur5san_zps01a89ae8-1.jpg
// Bar III jacket / Alternative Earth sweatshirt / Koral skinnies / Isabel Marant sneakers / Urban Outfitters sunglasses / Dimoni bag //

     This jacket was calling my name after all the images of the Acne "Velocite" pranced in my head.  This more affordable version from last winter's Macy's clearance rack satisfies my need for a furry-collared, oversized moto jacket.  It's also lightweight and practical enough to wear in Houston winters. 

Here are some other great choices:

 photo vel_zpsbb6553c0.jpg

 photo vel2_zpsd4779cb9.jpg
Rachel Comey "Tallow" jacket

 photo vel5_zps7722f873.jpg

 photo vel6_zps9fecc6e6.jpg

 photo vel3_zpse9fdbe7b.jpg
Iro "Dansty" Shearling Biker Coat

 photo vel4_zpsb998ae7d.jpg
Wear it without the fur or add your own with Ganni's "Paloma" Motorcycle Jacket
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