My New Hobby May Be a Little Disturbing

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But first some outfit posts to throw you off...
// vintage sweater / Joe's Jeans Second Skin skinnies / Faux/Real necklace / Nettie Kent ring / Pamela Love cutout ring / Zara bag / Isabel Marant boots //

     So this past weekend I did something really cool (although some would disagree with me). I learned how to taxidermy! I've never been squeamish about dissecting in biology. Actually, I quite liked it but only in an educational way of course (cue in Hannibal Lecter's voice). When my friend, Maclean, from Houston Makerspace posted about an upcoming taxidermy class, I figured it couldn't be much different than high school dissection with a nicer result, so I jumped at the opportunity. I mean, how many people do you know who taxidermy? Yeah, that's a check off my ole' bucket list! 

     I will spare any pictures I took during class since the bunnies did look awfully cute before we skinned them.  I currently have the rest of the rabbit in my freezer (tmi?) and plan on making a butt plaque.  Yes, that would be a plaque with the other end of the rabbit.  Surprisingly, Bryan was completely turned off by my taxidermied rabbit and banned it from the house.  Sad face.  Apparently, it reminded him too much of the anthropomorphic rabbit stories he heard during childhood.  So I guess I'll just taxidermy a squirrel next. 

Currently, my rabbit is resting peacefully in my office at work while it dries for 3 weeks:
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Doesn't it look so much more normal wearing a little hat?

   The girl who taught the class is Mickey Alice Kwapis from The Detroit Academy of Taxidermy. She's a super cute and sassy, young entrepreneur (only 23!) and making a name for herself by traveling the world teaching classes on how to taxidermy.  Hmm... what was I doing at 23? Oh yeah, dancing to electro music! Seriously, I wish I had that sort of drive at her age to start a unique and sustainable business.  Sheesh.

Three things:
  1. If you're interested in learning how to taxidermy, check out her schedule and see if she's coming to a town near you. Or rile up some interest in your city and schedule one yourself.  
  2. Check out her blog.  Her stories are quirky and her point of view is fresh.  I'm completely intrigued and can't stop reading her posts!  
  3. Mickey will be back in Houston in March to teach more classes if you missed out this time.  Yay!  
For those still shaking their heads at taxidermy, I found a video from the World Taxidermy Championships that gives an interesting perspective on its artistic side:


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