OUTFIT // The Combat Boot

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// Sheinside cardigan / Daydreamer LA tee / Flying Monkey jeans c/o Langford Market / Zara boots / Fashionology shark tooth necklace via Fab // 

Any girl who grew up in the '90s should own a decent pair of combat boots.  It just took me a good decade more or less to find the right one.  I tried so hard to make the classic Dr. Martens work but found them to be too clunky on me.  Yet, some people can just pull them off with ease. Seeing this pair at Zara made me do a little jig (in my head, of course).  The zipper and lace combo add a unique touch to the basic boot, and finally, combat boots that don't make my feet look double the size they are.  My feet aren't the daintiest things on the planet, so I'm always looking for ways to counteract some bigfoot action.  I've found that shoes with an almond-shaped toe and/or wedge helps!


CARVEN // Pre-fall 2013

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I've kept my eye on Carven for awhile now, and their pieces have consistently maintained a structured, modern aesthetic without compromising that decidedly French flair.  Never have I ever wanted to wear lace so badly til now.  The rounded hemlines, mottled wool, and heart cutout collars are the type of details that I find intriguing.  However, the silhouette of the total look is what gets my heart racing.  Not so classic you've seen it a thousand times and still very wearable.  It's safe to say I found a new favorite.

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 photo carv6_zps63bb85b1.jpg
You can pre-order the collection here.


OUTFIT // Grey Matter


These cords have been practically glued to my legs since I first found them at Zara.  They are the perfect blend between this and this pair of pants that I've had my eyes on.  The slim and tapered fit works well with ankle boots, which have steadily taken over my wardrobe.  I've even contemplated adding another pair of Woman by Common Projects boots to my collection because of their versatility, but in which color?  Decisions, decisions...  Oh, and what's this furry grey thing I'm wearing?  I'm just excited that this Yeti coat gets to see the light of day.  It was only appropriate to be covered in curly grey hair on a cool day like this, where the chill in the air required such warmth.  Very rare in these parts.

The Details:
1. Zara fur coat {similar here}
2. Etoile Isabel Marant Flower blouse
3. Zara digital print corduroy pants {similar here}
4. Woman by Common Projects ankle boot {in a different color here}
5. vintage turquoise envelope clutch {similar here}
6. Skagen rose gold watch


'90s Playlist

Photo of Mazzy Star by Laura Levine

Drank a bit too much Kahlua and sat around waxing nostalgic to the songs that defined my high school years... here's my first ever playlist on the blog: (some of these are from the days of listening to mainstream radio, some are from movies, and the more indie ones were discovered from this show, when MTV still rocked).

Mazzy Star Fade Into You
Superdrag Sucked Out
Better Than Ezra Desperately Wanting
Counting Crows Round Here
Fastball The Way
The Toadies Possum Kingdom
Lisa Loeb Stay
Gin Blossoms Follow You Down
Semisonic Singing in My Sleep
Radiohead Creep 
Sloan Everything You've Done Wrong
Foo Fighters Everlong
Matthew Sweet Girlfriend
Live I Alone
Veruca Salt Seether
Ben Folds Five Brick
The Smashing Pumpkins Today
R.E.M. Losing My Religion
Flaming Lips She Don't Use Jelly
Fountains of Wayne Sink to the Bottom
Stone Temple Pilots Interstate Love Song
Pulp Common People
Soul Train Runaway Train
Cardigans Lovefool
Del Amitri Roll to Me
Aimee Mann Save Me
Oasis Wonderwall
The Boo Radleys Ride the Tiger
Soundgarden Black Hole Sun
Jeff Buckley Hallelujah

Or you can just listen to the entire Clueless soundtrack. I promise it's good.




I've had three signature scents in my lifetime. The first one being ck1, which I started wearing in high school for its clean, cool, and fresh scent.  Apparently, the word got out, and it soon became one of my best guy friends' signature scent as well.  Argh... who knew that whole unisex gimmick would backfire on me.  With that snafoo, it was my cue to find something new.
Next up was Lancome's Tresor, which was soft and feminine with a bit of sultry sweetness.  If a perfume could make you feel pretty, this one did just that.  My narcissistic side loved it when a guy friend would tell me I smelled good.  That began my long love affair with this perfume.  The layered upside-down pyramid bottle looked lovely on top of my dresser, and it made me feel good wearing it.  I eventually had to wean myself off of it after it steadily lost its potency.  It began to wear off quicker as a I got older and the scent no longer felt like me.

A couple of years ago, I found my third signature scent, White Musk by The Body Shop. An unlikely character of the three.  No trendy big brand, but a low key choice from a store in the mall that I normally pass up.  This one was actually found while searching for a gift for my grandmother.  The baby-powderish scent is subtle but girly and the "musk" fragrance has always been a favorite of mine ever since my mom brought roll-on versions of it home with her Avon orders.  I know this is a late post, but the Eau de Parfum, Perfume Oil, and the sweeter Libertine solid in a heart tin were my "big" Black Friday purchases of 2012.  As much as I tried to ignore those crazy post-Thanksgiving sales, 50% off The Body Shop was too good to pass up especially since I was going to purchase the perfumes sans discount anyway.  Yes, I got my mother hooked on the scent as well, and she gets me to purchase them for her as often as I can.  The cute little travel-sized solid is perfect for when you're on the go or afraid of leaking perfume in your purse.  Just don't mistake it for lip balm!

Do you have a signature scent or do you prefer wearing different scents to fit your mood?  I confess I do have other scents lying around (remainder bottle of Tresor and Marc Jacobs Daisy) but White Musk is the one I pick up the most!


LANGFORD MARKET SHOOT // Transitional Wear

To kick off the new year, here's a behind-the-scenes peek at my first styling gig for Langford Market, a Houston-based women's clothing store that sells stylish and affordable fashion and has now expanded to several cities in the U.S.  The theme was transitional wear, which is the type of wardrobe you try to build on if you're living in Houston, where the winters are mild and spring doesn't stick around for long. 


Here are some of the looks I styled for the shoot:

Photos by Sam Smith of Telos Photography 

They're currently having a big sale right now, so stop in one of their stores or go online to get some great deals and check out their new arrivals for the spring!



// BCBG jacket / Gap chambray dropwaist dress from Buffalo Exchange / Joa + Closet ponte pants / Whyred ankle boots / Zara leopard purse //

I hope everyone had a lovely New Year's! Bryan and I stayed pretty low key but managed to get ourselves out of the house to meet up with friends at Mongoose vs. Cobra and grab a nightcap at Leon's Lounge. New Year's has never been a major event for me, since the next morning feels exactly the same. I also never make New Year's resolutions, but this year feels different. I want to be more productive, so I think setting goals or simple daily changes in my life is the right start. 

1) Get More Sleep
This one sounds pretty sensible, but I have a bad habit of dragging my day on longer than it should by staring at the computer or just doing things that can easily wait until tomorrow. I average 6 hours of sleep a night and according to what I heard on the news the other day, I should at least be getting 1.5 hours more.  I really hate going to bed early, so my new goal is to start sleeping at 11 on weekdays.  

2) Read More
My husband complains that I don't read enough, and he's right.  After spending every waking hour reading for law school, reading has been on the back burner for quite some time.   This year I will read at least 1 book a month.  That's 12 books ya'll!  Sadly, that's 11 more than last year.  I'm currently reading the Hunger Games (after watching the movie recently).  I am currently open to recommendations for good reads if anyone has any!

3) Become Limber
Everyone has some sort of exercise resolution, right?  When I'm at the gym, I'm almost always on the treadmill.  The last time I did pilates and yoga, they kicked my butt.  I would like to kick their butt this year, so I will work on varying my routine to include mat exercises.  I wouldn't mind adding some meditation into the mix too.  I know the perfect people who can help me that.

4) Spend More Time with Family
I'm guilty of neglecting my family.  There I said it.  After moving out the house, I've been living in my own little world.  Every day, I feel like I drift further away from the people I love.  I have three younger sisters that could use more mentorship.  After my father's passing five years ago, they haven't had a real solid head of the household.  I want to be the one they can count on and come to for help.  Plus, I'm sure my mom would love to see more of me. 

5) Be Business Minded
I've been "working" on a project for awhile now.  It has been worked on mainly in my head, but this year I want to make it a reality.  Can't wait to reveal it!  I hope you like it as much as I do!

Did you guys make resolutions for the new year?  If so, I'd love to hear about them!

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