Pixie Dust

Moa Moa purple drape cardi : Eight Sixty tunic tank : Target leggings : Chaps ankle socks : Jeffrey Campbell Pixie booties : Kenneth Jay Lane stud ring : Little Ghost Designs by Day-Lab necklace

I think I'm in love with the color purple. It works oh so well with black and white or even gray. It's such a great punch of color to spruce up any outfit. And alas, I am finally wearing my Pixies in the States. The first time I wore them out was in Taiwan, but I quickly switched them out for sneakers once I realized the rain was not going to let up. The oversized stud ring was a giveaway win from Cheap Thrills, and I could not be happier to add this statement piece to my jewelry collection. The ring came in lovely black Net-a-Porter packaging and was a wonderful surprise to find on my doorstep. Thanks Raez and Net-a-Porter!


Game of Cat & Mouse

Bryan caught a photo of this adorable little boy!

F21 sunglasses : vintage plaid top : G1 suspender khakis : vintage purse : Taito Gloomy Bear claw key chain purchased from Domy : mouse flats from Shida night market in Taipei : no name cat mask ring

The weather has surprisingly taken a turn for the better lately with the perfect amount of breeze mixed with my favorite outdoor element, the sun. Whenever such is the case, Bryan and I scoop up the opportunity to go for a walk and check out some of Houston's best features, the art museums. These photos were taken in the sculpture garden across the street from the Museum of Fine Arts.

Oh yes, and instead of going the way of the furry fox tail keychain, I'm accessorizing with a furry bloody bear claw instead. Take that Louis Vuitton!


These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Since I'm such an accessories fiend, I love staring at all the eye candy in Shopbop's Accessories Department. Perusing their large selection of funky baubles and bits is also helping me figure out what to spend my $100 Shopbop gift certificate I won from Breakfast at Saks in the beginning of December. I know... I've been hoarding the gift certificate for awhile now in hopes that everything at Shopbop will be significantly reduced, and I can finally use it on this. A girl can dream, can't she? ;) Now, I'm thinking maybe I should use it to purchase one or two key pieces to add to my jewelry collection. Here are several items that caught my attention:

Very apropos as part of your attire when watching the movie.

I'm still diggin' studs. What can I say?

Love the mix of metals.

Miss Marc is still one of my favorite characters in the design world even if she is a little creepy. Reminds me a bit like children's jewelry, but I guess I'm still just a child at heart.

I know Halloween is over, but how cute are these?

Fallon is one of my new favorite jewelry labels. Feeds my need for all things edgy and cool.

I love this. I'm seeing crystal formations in my future.

Multifunctional both as a bracelet and kitchen utensil.

I'm predicting arrows for 2010.

Can't afford YSL Arte Ovale ring? Never fear, here's a whimsical substitute for a fraction of the price. Plus, comes in 4 gumball colors!


Green with Envy

Raj purple scarf : F21 drape cardigan : BDG gray top : Tripp NYC pants : Colonial Madness boots : Target wrap ring : snake ring from local boutique : Skagen rose gold watch : Invasion open-work cross bracelet

I have finally given into green nail polish. My latest polish purchase is Bleach Black's Dick Weed from Need Supply. When Chanel's Jade first came out, I was questioning how green nails could ever be a trend. Look at me now with my foot in my mouth! I originally purchased the metallic green shade thinking it was teal by the color on the website. However, it's actually a shimmery deep green which coincidentally matches my Rimmel eyeliner in Jungle Green.

My nails have slowly grown accustomed to the funky hue, and I may actually be open to other shades of green as well (pastel perhaps?). I find one of the greatest things about blogs is that it opens your eyes to new ideas, sometimes even pushing you out of your comfort zone. I have definitely become more daring in my fashion choices since I first created this blog. Not such a bad thing, no?

In Invasion Shop news: Gorgeous Evelien of vliin sent me photos of her wearing her new mommy panther necklace.

I love how the necklace brings out the perfect sparkle and animal charm to her all black outfit. Thanks for sharing your pics!


Travels 2010: Taiwan Pt. 2

I promise this will be the last of the travel photos. I decided that this blog can also serve as my photo travelogue to click back to when I get nostalgic. Really a great way for me to display the "Best Of" highlighting my most memorable moments on the trip. I hope you all enjoyed a change of pace from the usual fashion-related posts. Without further ado, I present these last pictures which paint a more scenic and historical portrait of Taiwan.

What can I say about the night markets, except that you have to go to at least one when you're in Taiwan. The biggest one is in Shi-lin, but I think the coolest one is in Shida, which is close to a college.

Find cheap and trendy clothing all along the streets. I saw many YesStyle items but for even cheaper.

You can get practically anything cooked on a skewer.

The entrance of Chiang Kai Shek's residence.

Mengjia Longshan Temple in Taipei

We even caught a show at Roxy Roots.

I suggest dim sum lovers to stop by the beautiful Grand Hotel Taipei on the weekend. Be forewarned that they don't use the typical cart system. You simply order off the menu.

The view out the window in the dining area is absolutely breathtaking!

The Jade Market is the place to go if you need to bring home some goodies for friends and family. However, the market is only opened on the weekends.

The entire week we were in Taiwan, it pretty much rained non-stop, except on our last day where the sunset really made my day.

And we even caught a rainbow.

View from the top of the mountains going up to the little mining town of Jiufen.

Finally, I ended my travels by accidentally stumbling upon a traditional puppet show which was a bit creepy and psychedelic at the same time.

Here is my top 5 list for Taiwan:
1) There is 7Eleven on every corner.
2) You get tissue boxes or a bottled water for getting a gas fill-up.
3) If you see Best Roti Coffee bread, get it! You can smell it a mile away! (found a recipe for those with patience to make it)
4) We hear the love motels are pretty cool with different themed rooms to choose from. We're definitely going to check one out next time. In the Batman-themed room, you get to sleep in the Batmobile.
5) Watch out for the scooters!!
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