These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Since I'm such an accessories fiend, I love staring at all the eye candy in Shopbop's Accessories Department. Perusing their large selection of funky baubles and bits is also helping me figure out what to spend my $100 Shopbop gift certificate I won from Breakfast at Saks in the beginning of December. I know... I've been hoarding the gift certificate for awhile now in hopes that everything at Shopbop will be significantly reduced, and I can finally use it on this. A girl can dream, can't she? ;) Now, I'm thinking maybe I should use it to purchase one or two key pieces to add to my jewelry collection. Here are several items that caught my attention:

Very apropos as part of your attire when watching the movie.

I'm still diggin' studs. What can I say?

Love the mix of metals.

Miss Marc is still one of my favorite characters in the design world even if she is a little creepy. Reminds me a bit like children's jewelry, but I guess I'm still just a child at heart.

I know Halloween is over, but how cute are these?

Fallon is one of my new favorite jewelry labels. Feeds my need for all things edgy and cool.

I love this. I'm seeing crystal formations in my future.

Multifunctional both as a bracelet and kitchen utensil.

I'm predicting arrows for 2010.

Can't afford YSL Arte Ovale ring? Never fear, here's a whimsical substitute for a fraction of the price. Plus, comes in 4 gumball colors!


  1. I love love the ring, it's so pretty :)

  2. love all the ring choices!!

  3. oh man i REALLY want that sherlock holmes necklace. it makes me think not of sherlock holmes but of rene magritte....my absolute favorite artist. i want that dagger bracelet too.

  4. amazing picks, I love the first ring.

  5. Wowwwww there are way too many good things here

    I love the studded ring that goes over a few fingers
    I don't want to give up studs!! I REFUSE!!!

  6. I adore the quirky ring and matching earrings - adorable!

    Stay safe and chic darling,
    English Rose x

  7. hey! found your blog through fashion therapist, and saw you're in Houston too.

    oh and i say that first necklace... by far. it's coolly ironic.

  8. grace: I love Magritte too! If you ever stop by Houston, the Menil has an amazing surrealist collection along with several of Magritte's works.

    Chip: I absolutely refuse as well! Studs will forever remain as a wardrobe staple. Can't wait to be a grandma sportin' Louboutin studded loafers.

    we wear things: Hello fellow Houstonian! Glad to see some H-town folks with style! :)

  9. omgomgogm i love allllllllll of these!! especially that gold crystal formations ring and the last arte-wannabe oneeeeee

  10. oh my, these are all such treats to my hungry eyes! i love all your picks especially the first necklace, the arrows bracelet, and gumball ring!!! so..which ones did you get :)


  11. Kristy: I still haven't used my gift card! Crazy, huh? I probably just need to hunker down and use it. Maybe I'll make a move this weekend.


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