Green with Envy

Raj purple scarf : F21 drape cardigan : BDG gray top : Tripp NYC pants : Colonial Madness boots : Target wrap ring : snake ring from local boutique : Skagen rose gold watch : Invasion open-work cross bracelet

I have finally given into green nail polish. My latest polish purchase is Bleach Black's Dick Weed from Need Supply. When Chanel's Jade first came out, I was questioning how green nails could ever be a trend. Look at me now with my foot in my mouth! I originally purchased the metallic green shade thinking it was teal by the color on the website. However, it's actually a shimmery deep green which coincidentally matches my Rimmel eyeliner in Jungle Green.

My nails have slowly grown accustomed to the funky hue, and I may actually be open to other shades of green as well (pastel perhaps?). I find one of the greatest things about blogs is that it opens your eyes to new ideas, sometimes even pushing you out of your comfort zone. I have definitely become more daring in my fashion choices since I first created this blog. Not such a bad thing, no?

In Invasion Shop news: Gorgeous Evelien of vliin sent me photos of her wearing her new mommy panther necklace.

I love how the necklace brings out the perfect sparkle and animal charm to her all black outfit. Thanks for sharing your pics!


  1. Love the green nails on you! I personally think that some shades of green on nails can be really pretty! At the moment I have a minty colour on :)

  2. I *really* love that bracelet, are you going to be selling them?

  3. Hey Kelly, I think I might do custom orders on the bracelet. Let me know if you want one!

  4. oooh nice you've posted the pics :D hadn't seen it yet! thank you so much for the lovely accompanying piece of text, x! wearing it today, people are often puzzled when they notice the little beast haha


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