Never Too Late

F.U.N. t-shirt : Forever 21 cardigan : Tripp NYC jeans : Franco Sarto bag : Converse Chucks

Why, hello there! I am finally back from my trip, and our travel plans turned out fine in the end (maybe even better?). Our plans were to head straight to Taiwan, but I also got to stay a night in Tokyo. I'm super excited to share photos with you, but since coming in late last night and having major jetlag, I have yet to upload them. So in the meantime, here is a belated post from the day before Christmas Eve.

I was trying to illustrate in this post that Houston's weather can really drive me up the wall sometimes. It can turn from 40 to 70 degrees in 10 seconds flat. Looking at the weather.com archives, the high was 74 degrees. Two days later on Christmas day, the high was 49 degrees. At least I received a proper cold Christmas Day! Sheesh! And how appropriate, the temp was about 25 degrees getting off the plane last night. I think people moving to Houston get fooled into thinking that we have warm weather constantly but that is not true! Our "winters" are about as schizophrenic as they get.

Now on to catching up with comments and my favorite blogs. Oh, and uploading photos!


  1. I love the blue bag with this outfit, really cute :)

  2. Oh, I love this outfit, the tee is great.

  3. Hello. This is S from 102889. 102889 is no longer being used but I have a new blog so check it out and we can follow each other again ^^ alldatglitters.blogspot.com

  4. look so simple and comfy but also super cute :)

  5. I love your cardigan!
    &thanks for visiting my blog


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