Hello to a New Year!

So New Year 2010 was nothing like I expected. Bryan and I went to my uncle's New Year's dinner party, but we both got overly stuffed. When we left the party, we were not feeling the chaos of having to find parking and fight for drinks, so instead we went home, changed into our comfy clothes, and watched a movie! We even had our New Year's outfits all picked out to go partying in, but we were just way too sluggish after having a huge dinner in our bellies. The movie we watched, Barefoot in the Park with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford, was Bryan's pick. He is always good at introducing me to sweet, older romantic flicks which have included Moonstruck and Forget Paris. Barefoot in the Park is a cute movie to watch if you are newlyweds and Robert Redford looks so handsome!

When New Year's did roll around, we at least had champagne ready for a toast and kiss. So no New Year's outfit post but here are shots of B and I getting ready for our movie. Cheesy, yah?

Oh, and of course, we made a stupid video that documents the nonsensical conversations we usually have.

For the New Year, Bryan and I also got new phones. After breaking his own, he had been borrowing my pink Blackberry Pearl which apparently got him in good with all the female flight attendants he works with. We were contemplating getting the iPhone and switching over to AT&T but after hearing of all the reception problems, we decided to stick with Verizon. We now both have Droids which is a product of Google. He has the Droid Motorola, and I have the Droid Eris. I am quite excited about my first touchscreen phone and 5 MP phone camera. Maybe I should get Twitter? So far the phone looks promising.

Hope everyone had a safe and eventful New Year's! I am excited to see what is in store for 2010 as I will be graduating from law school (finally!), taking the Bar, and becoming an attorney (WHAT?!).


  1. Android phones are great, there are tons of apps for them, Twidroid is my favorite for Twitter, personally!

  2. Looks like my kind of NYE! Have a good new year!

  3. happy new year! to 2010 being the best yet. advanced congrats for law school completion :)

    xo Niki

  4. Seems so much fun ! :D Happy new year !

  5. AWW what a comfy New Year celebration!

  6. so cute! me and my bf stayed in too! good luck this year with the bar exam!!! i just took the lsat and thought that was a doozy!

  7. That looks like my dream NYE!

  8. Kelly: Thanks for the tip! I think I'm starting to get a hang of my phone. Slowly but surely.

    Niki B.: Thank you! Really looking forward to finally getting that J.D.!

    Pia: Congrats on getting the LSAT over with! Standardized tests always feel like a doozy to me!

  9. Such a cute way to ring in the new year with a loved one. I spent it fighting for a cab around town trying try catch nye parties. ekk.

    Anyways, I don't say this often but I really adore your blog. It's really chic, extremely well put together and the writing is great ...and of course you got great taste and style. Kuudos to you. You have another follower xoxo


  10. The Starving Stylist: This year has probably been the most laid back New Year's I've ever had! It was nice not having to worry about trying to get home in a sea of drunk drivers (hopefully, everyone was smart enough to take a cab!).

    You have also been added to my Google Reader! You have wonderful style and will be added to my list of stylish men to gawk at! :) Thanks for the add!

  11. I love love this post, it's so great to see a casual new years with your loved ones. I went camping this year on the beach with my boyfriend and had the time of my life :)

    Love your blog, have added it to my google reader!

  12. Happy New Year :)

    Thanks for commenting my blog, I absolutely love your style and I'll be following you on bloglovin of course!

    Love Lulu


  13. Wikifashion and Lola: Yes, sometimes the best holidays are spent relaxing with your loved ones. Camping on the beach sounds amazing! Will suggest that to my hubby for next time!


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