Wear It with an [Emoji] Smile

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Hello from Beyond...  Now that I'm on break I can actually wear sweats.  I've never been a sweat pants kind of gal, but I love these marled ones from H&M. A little bit slouchy in the crotch area but not quite harem and the ruched contrast hem adds some visual interest.  Sweatshirts are a different story.  I love them like crazy, and this 80's-inspired version was picked up from Net-A-Porter's sale last year. 

I've been looking for a pair of silver shoes, and found these whimsical Acne Adrian sneakers to fit the bill.  Although I don't take fashion too seriously, the emoji faces are detachable if I ever find myself in a more plain jane mood. 

    Sweatshirt // Lulu & Co
    Sweat Pants // H&M
    Sneakers // Acne Studios
    Messenger Bag // Zara


Sometimes It's OK to Dress Up Like a Grey Marshmallow

Sweatshirt // Second Female
Zip Leggings // Joa + Closet
Boots // New Kid
Leather Bag // Zara

For me, comfort is a key ingredient to my outfits which is why this super soft pillowy sweatshirt appealed to my deepest core. I'm glad I snatched this one up when I did because it was sold out almost immediately on Need Supply. I guess many of you out there agree that marshmallow-dressing is not such a bad thing when it feels like you're wearing a cloud.

Fast forward one winter later, and I've made another essential purchase from Need Supply- New Kid's Dreamcore boots. I've been eyeing these in various colors, but the blue textured leather (a Need Supply exclusive) was what did it for me.  These make a great modern substitute for Roper boots or a slimline version of the combat boot.


Marble & Metal // RillRill

Beautiful shapely neck ornaments mixed with heavenly marble. How could you not fall in love with this beautiful eye candy from RillRill

 photo rill_zps652322bb.jpg  photo rill2_zps1f26cfc2.jpg  photo rill3_zps0028c018.jpg  photo rill4_zps3da8eb14.jpg  photo rill5_zps48e68557.jpg  photo rill6_zps2bf8737e.jpg


Cute / Modern / Nom

CUTE // These eyelash sweaters are the bomb, no?  Plus, they now come in 2 versions: multi-colored and trusty black & white.     

MODERN // Don't have room for a huge obtrusive fish tank?  This one will fit perfectly with your minimal decor.

NOM // Recipes like these make the paleo diet much more bearable.  Seriously, you had me at BACON.


How Was Your Halloween?

Because mine was friggin' awesome.  No really, I think skipping out on Halloween last year helped make it doubly fun this year.
 photo in4_zpsd183d612.jpgBecause Hello Kitty has been on my mind ever since Sanrio formally announced she was NEVER a cat and has been a British girl all along, I happily embodied the "girl" version of her. Goodbye Kitty was Bryan's idea. Originally a joke, but then I made him actually dress the part.  photo in5_zpse22bde6c.jpg photo in3_zpsbaa1833b.jpg photo in2_zps816ac05a.jpg photo in6_zps447de833.jpg photo in7_zpscdf09053.jpg photo in8_zps4d2608b0.jpg photo in9_zps53c56219.jpg photo in91_zps2f9184a5.jpg photo in92_zps7399c80c.jpg photo in94_zps54e2c31f.jpg photo in95_zps28294194.jpg photo in96_zps7cc37b5e.jpg photo in97_zps9b5ab853.jpg photo in98_zps1587b0f7.jpg photo in99_zps779b6e95.jpg photo in991_zps6b937a24.jpg photo in992_zpsc6cd3a56.jpg photo in993_zps54ccda1c.jpg photo in994_zps92921ad4.jpg photo in995_zps12cd398c.jpg photo in996_zps64a44256.jpg


I'm that Kinda Girl

 photo gari_zps7838c269.jpg photo gari2_zps8c3a4e9b.jpg photo gari3_zps78da955b.jpg photo gari4_zpsf51d6a63.jpg                                                                                                 T-shirt // Helmut Lang
                                                                                                 Jeans // Current/Elliot
                                                                                                 Sneakers // Converse Chucks
                                                                                                 Bag // Issey Miyake Bao Bao

Sometimes all you need is a tee, jeans, and sneakers.


Inside the Chicken Ranch

 photo chick9_zpsa97bd6ca.jpg photo chick_zpsd8bcc40b.jpg photo chickey2_zps50f01fe6.jpg photo chickey5_zps9cc5ac85.jpg photo chick3_zps7315ba5b.jpg photo chick7_zps902872d7.jpg photo chick8_zpsf8000a24.jpg photo chickey6_zps66cccff1.jpg
For all you fried chicken fanatics, there's a new contender in town and it's named after the "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas."  Yes, you heard me right.  With menu items named Little Brothel and Big Brothel and a large portrait of Marvin Zindler, who helped facilitate the closing of the namesake, this establishment will make you want to read up on your Texas history even before trying out the food.  Conveniently, the Ranch, as I will lovingly call it now, is only 5 blocks away from me.  I invited some friends out for a Sunday chowdown at their Soft Opening, which will allow the restaurant to iron out the kinks before their early November opening.  

With the best fried chicken being my mother-in-law's, this is the closest you can get to homemade.  The batter is crispy, not overly seasoned so you can actually taste the chicken, and the chicken itself was quite juicy.  I had the creamed corn and collard greens for sides.  The creamed corn was sweet and buttery and the collard greens were flavorful.  The only gripe I have is with the biscuit which was dry and doughy but everything else received my stamp of approval. Poor Bryan had to work during my Chicken brunch, so he'll be in for a treat once the kitchen is back in business. 

The Chicken Ranch
6500 N. Main St.
Houston, TX 77009
Opening Soon...


Back at the Fest

I am not ashamed to say I have gone to the Renaissance Festival more times in my adult years than as a kid.  What's that you say? You don't like drinking mead while dancing to fairies playing the lute?  Well then, you are truly missing out.  Just grab an open-minded group of friends who like to people watch, be entertained, and eat (turkey legs are gluten free) and meet me in Plantersville.

 photo ren6_zpsbded4efc.jpg photo ren_zps9f8e6ea4.jpg
 photo ren5_zps145c7bd3.jpg
 photo ren4_zps8952daaf.jpg
 photo ren9_zpsbb4633d3.jpg
 photo ren2_zps744c9bac.jpg
 photo ren7_zps58118f8b.jpg
 photo ren3_zps1a859f12.jpg
 photo ren8_zpsf018d865.jpg
 photo ren91_zps6d994959.jpg
 photo ren92_zps11f93ee6.jpg
 photo ren93_zpscbf80fde.jpg
 photo ren94_zpse458d054.jpg
 photo ren95_zpscff2aa0e.jpg
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