How Was Your Halloween?

Because mine was friggin' awesome.  No really, I think skipping out on Halloween last year helped make it doubly fun this year.
 photo in4_zpsd183d612.jpgBecause Hello Kitty has been on my mind ever since Sanrio formally announced she was NEVER a cat and has been a British girl all along, I happily embodied the "girl" version of her. Goodbye Kitty was Bryan's idea. Originally a joke, but then I made him actually dress the part.  photo in5_zpse22bde6c.jpg photo in3_zpsbaa1833b.jpg photo in2_zps816ac05a.jpg photo in6_zps447de833.jpg photo in7_zpscdf09053.jpg photo in8_zps4d2608b0.jpg photo in9_zps53c56219.jpg photo in91_zps2f9184a5.jpg photo in92_zps7399c80c.jpg photo in94_zps54e2c31f.jpg photo in95_zps28294194.jpg photo in96_zps7cc37b5e.jpg photo in97_zps9b5ab853.jpg photo in98_zps1587b0f7.jpg photo in99_zps779b6e95.jpg photo in991_zps6b937a24.jpg photo in992_zpsc6cd3a56.jpg photo in993_zps54ccda1c.jpg photo in994_zps92921ad4.jpg photo in995_zps12cd398c.jpg photo in996_zps64a44256.jpg

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