Tiffany on My Fingertips

I've decided that I will not give into the Chanel Jade phenomenon but instead give you an "in" on my latest nail polish loves. My search for a gray brought me to the affordable yet professional quality China Glaze. My first purchase of this brand was made while browsing Ebay in which I pressed the BUY button for "Recycle".
The color is a creamy medium gray that is extremely versatile and can look both sophisticated and casual. Even though the hubby likes black and says gray is too generic, I completely disagree. Black polish is great for when I'm feeling nostalgic or in a goth mood, but the gray is perfect for those middle-of-the-road days when you just feel like matching your favorite gray outfits and lately, gray has been my color of choice.

But enough about gray. So while I was browsing Ebay to see what else it had in store for me, I noticed that the company had a beautiful, bright turquoise hue called "For Audrey". Think Tiffany blue. Well, it wasn't too hard to convince myself I had to get it since my favorite color is aqua. Luckily, on a trip to Sally's Beauty Supply, I found that they had a whole selection of China Glaze and the shade that I so wanted. I'm currently sporting this light turquoise blue shade and it's much more wearable than I thought it would be. It's more creamy than bright and is a really lovely shade of robin's egg blue. I've been wearing it non-stop although I did have to give my nails a rest for a couple of weeks. Very Easter but also perfect for the drab winter weather. It gives a great flash of color for more monotone looks but is subtle enough to blend well with other colors.

While doing the last Out-of-the-Closet article, coincidentally Kim had my exact same nail polish color on except hers was matte. What can I say? Great minds think alike. ;)

This is Knock Out's matte version.


Mickey See, Mickey Do

I love vintage sweaters. I bought this one from Annabel and have been waiting for the weather to get semi-cold to wear it.
vintage sweater : Tripp NYC skinny jeans : vintage Ferragamo boots : necklace from Contents : ring from The Quotation
If you haven't noticed, I also like funky necklaces. This one was purchased at Contents in Houston.
And finally... I just received this wicked Mickey skull ring from The Quotation on Etsy. Thanks to Pull Teeth for the tip!



I hope everyone had just as amazing of a Thanksgiving as I did. I would say I had a true Texan Thanksgiving and you'll see what I mean by the pics...

We went out to the country for Thanksgiving this year. Bryan's parents' friends invited us out to their lovely home. In addition to all the delicious food, we also got to enjoy some outdoor festivities including Joe showing me how to rope a calf and swinging from the trees.


Dream in Technicolor

This amazing dress is by Alexander McQueen. The page, pulled from an old Nylon, immediately caught my attention. The colors, the layers, the volume... He always does it over the top, but in such a good way!



Mini Mini Me

I am so very much looking forward to Minimarket's Spring 2010 line.

Besides throwing in a wonderful cheery color palette, they also added equestrian touches and cool details like pleats and zippers. And those SHOES! I really hope they put out the sherbert-colored booties (of course, for your sake that is). Ok, and I kinda also want that shark sweater. Seriously, it's Jaws Swedish style!


Sunday To-Do List

1. Attend board meeting
2. Write 20-page paper
3. Make sure to dress comfortably (lots of cotton, pants with some stretch, and flats!!!)

Black Crimson striped cardi, Eight Sixty basic tee, Flying Monkey jeans, Franco Sarto bow flats, gifted Pac-Man necklace , agate ring (buy yours HERE)



This video is from DJ Cuba Gooding, Jr., a side project of the lead singer in my hubby's band. Just wanted to share it with you 'cause I think it's a pretty neat concept. Have a wonderful weekend!!


Explosions in the Sky

I'm completely drawn to scenic print pieces like this one from H&M.

Even better though (IMHO) is the galaxy in print! After seeing this dress on a blog post (darn, can't remember which one), I knew I had to get me in on that action or at least attempt to.

The print on the Zara dress continues on the back and it has attached ties to adjust to your size. Luckily, my local Zara hadn't even put these out yet when I asked for it or I probably would have been too late.

Forever 21 faux leather bomber, Zara galaxy dress, Walmart DIY fingerless gloves, random opaque tights, Target scrunched up knee highs, Faryl Robin booties


Fruity Fantastic

Marni boots (I want these really badly)

Jeremy Scott zebra sweater
Brian Lichtenberg Gizmo skirt (made-to-order for a cool $2,100 at Alex & Chloe)

Photo spread from Metro.Pop.
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