the Alexa. I know they're not Acne, but at less than half the cost, I'm still excited nonetheless.

This is my first time owning Jeffrey Campbells, although I did have the Starburst booties for a couple of days before deciding to return them. The Alexas are surprisingly comfortable since the platform make it pretty flat and there's plenty of room for my feet. I'm normally an 8.5 in boots. Since they only have whole sizes, I decided to size up and the 9 fits perfectly! So definitely, if you are an 8.5 or 39, then 9 will be the best bet.

Here's Karen's take and side-by-side comparison on the differences between the Acne and the Jeffrey Campbell version.

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  1. I actually had the luck to see the acne in person! they are utterly high and beautifully worn by just about anyone. I was so jealous of the girl wearing them! ahhh at least i got to see them ! hehehe


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