Explosions in the Sky

I'm completely drawn to scenic print pieces like this one from H&M.

Even better though (IMHO) is the galaxy in print! After seeing this dress on a blog post (darn, can't remember which one), I knew I had to get me in on that action or at least attempt to.

The print on the Zara dress continues on the back and it has attached ties to adjust to your size. Luckily, my local Zara hadn't even put these out yet when I asked for it or I probably would have been too late.

Forever 21 faux leather bomber, Zara galaxy dress, Walmart DIY fingerless gloves, random opaque tights, Target scrunched up knee highs, Faryl Robin booties


  1. I have that H&M shirtdress and practically live in it!!! I love it! So Christopher Kane! I lovelovelove your galaxy dress..I need it!!!! You look fab

    x Antonia

  2. Oh man, I am in love with those prints. The galaxy print is so cool and you rock it. I really want both or either of these...wonder if my local H&M has it...

  3. Both amazing tees, want them! <3

  4. aw love the dress!
    i never see anything i like in zara because they are all taken! ugh.

  5. Hello! This is my first time visiting your blog and I must say you are doing a wonderful job! I love the galaxy dress and the way you paired it with the jacket and booties. If you have the chance, please visit my blog at www.ivoryglam.com THANKS!

  6. wow that prints pretty !


  7. ahhh, I'm so jealous - I want this but never see it in store!

  8. I love the galaxy dress. I'll have to check the Zara in Prague to see if they have it.
    You're never to old to get a tattoo, especially if it's an awesome LED built in...

    Love your outfit collections. Keep it up!


  9. oh man, i wish i had a local zara! come to australia zara!!!! great post :)

  10. oh yeah l love it! I didn't get one, schnief. looks good on you

  11. Thanks everyone! I haven't been back to Zara since because it sits in a megamall and that's the last thing I want to go to during sale season. ;} Hopefully, Zara or some other stores will put out some more print dresses. They are super comfy and definitely stand out.


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