Getting Old Has Its Perks

This past weekend has been super hectic. I co-chaired a reception, hung out with Lo Pan, and celebrated my birthday with a nice dinner and Sunday brunch. It has all been pretty much of a blur. Strangely, I'm glad it's Monday.

These days, I'm always on the lookout for cute outfits everywhere including the reception. First up, we have a minimal gray asymmetrical zipper dress paired with a motorcycle jacket, dark gray tights, and cool two-tone booties.

Next, a comfy yet classy structured gray halter jersey dress finished off with a waist cinching belt and gray peep-toe heels.

After the reception, I just barely missed my husband's music set, but I was there in time to capture this cute ensemble. Love the sailboat skirt with matching burgundy peeptoe pumps!

Saturday was my first time dining at Julia's Bistro. I've heard great things, and the restaurant did not disappoint.

We split a Mixto Exotica salad with roasted corn, pineapple, mango, papaya, cilantro, red bell pepper, and plantain chips over a bed of mixed greens and
served with Tahitian vanilla-shallot vinaigrette. Oh so refreshing!

We both went the way of the steak. I got the beef tenderloin over mushroom risotto served in a wild mushroom wine sauce with asparagus. This dish is perfect for mushroom lovers or those who want to become one.

Hubby got the grilled ribeye with spicy mango-chile ancho sauce served with gallo pinto and sauteed cauliflower.

After dinner, we took a break and the hubby said I could open one gift.

Ahhh... so cute! He picked me up a Canadian sasquatch, one of the mascots for the 2010 winter Olympics, on his layover in Vancouver. He said it reminded him of me. I swear I am not that hairy! :}

It was then off to the Foundation Room to get our groove on. It ended up being some girl's '70s-themed birthday bash which made for a rowdy night of faux 'fros and shiny everything. I decided to spare you all the '70s costumes as it was pretty overwhelming. Not knowing about the theme beforehand, I somehow intuitively dressed the part.

Insight dress, vintage belt, Calvin Klein hose, Faryl Robin wedges, Forever 21 earring

At 80 years old, this guy still knows how to shake it! I asked him what his secret was and he just laughed. I regret not videotaping him playing air guitar with my purse. Really a sight to see...

Once we got back home, the hubby finally let me open the rest of my presents.
In addition to Quatchi, I got 3 Coraline dolls (my new favorite movie), Scrabble Slam, "Scene It!" for xbox 360, a blow-up animal ball (the last one blew up in my face!), and the camera that's been on my wishlist.
Can you tell we're really kids trapped in adult bodies?

Finally, we had my birthday brunch at Benjy's.
I had the smoked salmon omelette with herb cream cheese and fresh dill. It came with a side of fruit and the most amazing goat cheese grits!

A couple of other favorites were:
...the local crab with herbed potato hash, truffled eggs, and white wine veloute and...

...the toad-in-the-hole.

Whew! Sorry for the ridiculously long post. Just thinking about the past few days makes me tired.

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Objects of Desire

Two pieces on my wishlist, and they are both from Etsy. Gah, I love Etsy.

Chilo from Armor

I don't think I will jump on the chain body jewelry train any time soon, but I do love a good bracelet and ring twofer!


Bubble Gum Cowl from Yokoo

Seriously, this girl is talented! Everything is so over the top but also functional at the same time.


Flower Power

The Six Six Sick girls have posted some preview pics of Rebecca Turbow's Spring season. As you know from a previous post, Safe is one of my fave indie clothing lines. The subtle pastels and petal details continue to reinforce my love for her designs.


Warrior Princess

Being a bit overwhelmed from all the NY Fashion Week shows I've seen (on my laptop), it was nice to find some comfort in Vanessa Bruno's fall collection. Her urban warrior theme and ample use of unfussy black suited my mood perfectly. Her pieces are simple, versatile, and sophisticated with the perfect mix of luxe materials and modern lines. I have been inspired by some of the looks and will be heading to the thrift store soon for some diy action. Come to think of it, I have a very similar wool hat. Sweet.

all runway photos from style.com

I have also fallen for the large puppy-dog eyes and pouty look of one of the runway models, Mathilde Frachon.

the fashion spot

rock the trend

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