It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

That's right. I am back from Naw'lins. And even though most of the shops I wanted to check out were closed for Labor Day (I forgive you), I was still able to enjoy myself absolutely and completely while breathing in that post-Katrina air. New Orleans is where I consider most of my growing up took place (eh hem, college) and I love it for its food, music, sweet boutiques, and gorgeous architecture.

[sorry, no real fashion photos here. just good food, bugs, and cool places to check out.]

Day 1:

Arrive at Hotel Le Cirque
[modern, clean, and perfect location]

Dinner @ Dick & Jenny's
[ok, how come I just now found out about this place? the food is ah-mazing.]

Shrimp & Sausage Cheesecake appetizer

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
[goat cheese, basil & pine nut stuffing, sweet potato mash, haricots verts, & warm balsamic vinagrette]

Gulf Fish Bouillabaisse
[crab, mussels, shrimp, seafood broth, & rouille]

Sampled the absinthe at Russian-themed bar, Pravda

Creepy wall decor

Pranced around Frenchmen St.

More creepy decor, this time, on the sidewalk.

Day 2:

A little bit of humor on our way to lunch.

For delicious local fare, this mother & son-run establishment is definitely worth a stop. Make sure you try the white beans & rice. I ate mine so quickly, I forgot to take a photo.

Oyster po-boy

Red beans & rice with sausage

We decided to be tourists this go around and got the Audubon Experience Package for a mere $32.95. First up, a hot day at Audubon Zoo, one of the Top 10 zoos in America.

This just teaches you that the swamp is a scary place.

They got their rat display just right. Tony Chachere's and red beans can.

A midday pick-me-up at new bar, Cure.

Le grand showcase

Dinner @ Lebanon's, one of my tried and true favorites.

Hummus w/ Lamb Meat

Lamb Shish Kabob

Night time entertainment courtesy of the Blue Nile.

Day 3:

Disclaimer: Not for the squeamish

A filling snack at the Insectarium.

Mango chutney with wax worms? Yum Yum.

Never thought I would say that beetles are absolutely gorgeous!

Sitting pretty in the Japanese butterfly garden.

I usually have this with tartar sauce.
[catfish at Aquarium of the Americas]

IMAX in 3-D, the newest trend in fashion.

In the evening, our friend prepared us some vino with crackers, cheese, and homemade black bean dip.

Day 4:

Bye-bye Nola.
[view from inside Hotel Le Cirque]

Some more New Orleans humor before we bid adieu.

Until next time...

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