Outfit Bonjour

I should really try posting more outfits. I usually forget to take pictures until it's too late. I have a disdain for indoor lighting, but maybe next time I'll try some shots in the dark.

I didn't get much accomplished today. I had a huge list, and it turns out I always shoot too high. I did get some shopping in, which was not on the list. Go figure. I'll have to show you all my goodies from the shopping trip later. This mini-shoot was before leaving the house.

Experimenting with cut-and-paste.

satin shoulders blue top: calvin klein
black drapey vest: maj
worn black skinny ankle-zip jeans: miss sixty
oversized stud necklace: purchased from contents
black boots with gold trim and wooden heel: faryl robin
black leopard scarf: oscar de la renta
hubby's aviator sunglasses: target

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