Humor Me

I totally think fashion can be a bit too serious sometimes. I've even noticed my own wardrobe turning more modern and simplistic in an often stark color palette. I don't like the idea of being caught up in one box which is why I love Insight and WOWCH for their infectious humor and whimsy.

Insight, originally an Australian surf and skate brand, has now extended to the U.S. The clothing is bright, sometimes silly, and captures a modern youth. You can pick up Insight at various online stores and Edin (if you're a local Houstonian).

WOWCH is a Brooklyn t-shirt company with plain ole' goofy designs. Usually a mix of a normal image transposed on something random. Blatant randomness is always good in my books! BTW, the shark design may look familiar. You should go here to get Max Wowch's rant on how the design ended up on James Franco in Pineapple Express.

I noticed that both labels love to use animals in their prints. Animals are ridiculous sometimes. You just can't deny their wacky allure... click here (case in point).

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