Fashion Night Out

The other night I had to really push myself to attend Vogue's Fashion Night Out at Neiman Marcus in Houston. Normally, I would have been happy to attend a fashion soiree, but lately, I've been taking a beating from work and school. When I did arrive, I have to say it was more of an excuse for the ladies of high society to show off their expensive outfits and canoodle. I heard a lot of high shrieks from ladies running from each side to greet each other. I didn't mind it though. It was actually pretty amusing. Oh, and I couldn't take any good runway pics because of the sad zoom on my camera [note to self: need new camera for birthday].

After the show, guess where I headed first?

Where else? The shoe dept. of course.

Apparently, pink is the new black this season. These Christian Dior peeptoe pumps look like they came straight from Barbie's closet.

All I want is Chloe. Chloe boots, shoes, whatever. Ok, mostly these boots.

Marc sure knows how to entertain.

Studded velvet pumps by Prada. Enough said.

I would also like to add some Chanel sneakers to my list, since I never thought "Chanel" and "sneakers" would ever be in the same sentence.

Can't forget the Loubis! Horse jockey meets the Victorian Age.

Finally, since we need to prepare ourselves for any unexpected hurricanes and torrential downpours, here's Tod's version of the rain/snow boot.

After drooling over the shoes, I headed upstairs for some food fare. The lines were getting out of hand, but I did manage to sneak in some of these yummy treats.
Goat cheese risotto balls courtesy of Gravitas

Chocolate hazelnut tarts courtesy of Textile

BTW, my friend, Plinio, is the pastry chef at Textile. If you like good food, check out his blog.

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