F21 jacket : vintage dress : Jeffrey Campbell "Morrow" booties : F21 rings

Has this ever happened to you?

So last night was my first time out in a loooong time. I finally put on my JC Morrows. Although the height puts them at a uncomfortableness level of 9, I was eager to put those babies on my feet and bear the pain (oh, and some Dr. Scholl's inserts help too). I gave the parking attendant my 10 bucks, started walking towards the club, and


half of the sole on the left shoe tore off! There was no time to feel bad about the situation. It was time to take immediate action. I put on my puppy dog eyes, explained the situation, and coaxed the parking guy to return my 10 bucks. As I rushed home in slight embarrassment and shock from my fortuitous incident, the only thought running through my head was, "This should not be happening to brand new $200 shoes." Then I started wondering if it was Karma returning to bite me in the rear for returning those A. Wang Hannes. I have not had any problems with my other Jeffrey Campbell shoes and have actually been quite satisfied with the brand in general until now. I am very tempted to write to JC before taking them to get repaired. The trauma of having the sole rip off of your shoe while walking in public is enough to possibly prevent me from ever wearing them again. Truly a disappointing experience.

And yes, those photos were taken pre-incident. Still so cute and shiny. The poor things have now been exiled to a corner, until I figure out what to do with them.

In the end, I did find my way back to the club but this time, in a trusty pair of vintage boots. I guess they just don't make 'em like they used to.


The Long & Skinny

Forget the minis. I am currently in search of the perfect maxi. Something simple and sleek that I can wear in the spring and summer.

(left: Acne Extreme Stripe Dress; right: Lindsey Thornburg Betty Krueger dress)


After seeing Acne and Lindsey Thornburg's striped versions, I wouldn't mind some stripes either. Or how about an all-over floral print like the one from Motel? There is just something about a long fitted dress that oozes a no nonsense elegance. The best part? You can wear practically any type of shoe with them. Be it motorcycle boots for an edgier look, sandals for a beachy bohemian feel, or heels for a more formal outing. I'm also hoping to pair it with a gorgeous necklace from The Glamourai that I've been dying to reveal for the past two months.

I will let you know how my search goes. In the meantime, I am taking any suggestions for a versatile maxi that won't kill my pocketbook. Thank you!


Cross My Heart

Spring & Clifton dress : Eight Sixty tank : Tripp NYC pants : Chrishabana cross cuff

Believe it or not, but I finally used that Shopbop gift card I've been holding so dear. The hammered look and antique finish of this Chrishabana cuff really caught my attention as I was browsing the Shopbop website. I just happened to buy the last cuff in stock at Shopbop, but you can still purchase the cuff at Oak. There's just something raw and very 80's punk about his collections. Below are some more of his pieces. BTW, Karmaloop is having a sale on most his items, including that rad Grace Jones plaque necklace. Excellent.

[source: Ssense]

[source: Ssense]

[source: Karmaloop]


Supa Fantastique

Supayana top : F21 sunglasses : vintage belt : Tripp NYC pants : Madison Harding wedge booties : Desmo bag

If you were like me, an ex-Ebay fiend, you knew about Supayana and all her adorable handmade creations. I remember when her clothes were fetching over $200 dollars! Well, luckily, I was able to get my hands on one of her tops before she left Ebay for Etsy. It's been awhile since I wore this little number, but I'm glad I found it while shopping my closet. I also finally wore these white sunnies from Forever 21 that's been sitting on our hallway cabinet for several months now. After a good dusting off, I think it added a nice touch to my somewhat robotic-looking outfit.


Dreaming in Aqua

Yigal Azrouel really does a great job capturing my favorite color in a buttery suede fringe vest. I saw that fringe was making a comeback in retro cowgirl style jackets, but this, I believe, is just so much better.



I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day whether it be with that special someone or living the fabulous single life. This is Bryan and my first Valentine's since getting married, and it was a simple and sweet day of hanging out in beautiful weather, checking out a new church, and eating heavenly food.

I woke up this morning to this:

My nickname is Chorizo (thanks to Bryan's old British roommate who pronounced my name that way).

I must admit that Bryan gives the best cards. I have a collection of all the ones he has given me, and he has such a knack for picking them! I can relate so well to every card.

Today's card is brought to you by the letter "V" and American Greetings.

And yes, Bryan was about to wish me "Happy Birthday."

Our day began with us checking out a new church. B and I have been talking about going to church for awhile now. We are on the hunt for the right one, and the one we attended today seems very promising. The pastor had a great personality, and the sermon was extremely relevant and thought-provoking. I always seem to feel lighter and uplifted after attending a good sermon.

After church, we had lunch at my new favorite restaurant in Houston, Kasra Persian Grill. The food is amazing, and the meals are a great value especially since you will probably be doggy-bagging half of it.

First, they bring you complimentary flatbread called "Taftoon" along with an herb plate of basil, mint, parsley, green onion, radishes, and little cubes of feta cheese. Yum! The other little container has sugar cubes to sweeten your Persian tea.
The last time we ate here, we had the most delicious and garlic-y hummus that compliments the Taftoon quite well!

I ordered the "Jujeh kabob" which consisted of a whole Cornish hen marinated in their secret sauce and spices and grilled tomatoes. I substituted my regular basmati rice with one of their specialty rices that contains little bits of dried cherries, pistachios, and other goodness I can't remember. If you'll notice, there is also a little butter package sitting on my dish. You mix it up with your rice while it's still hot to add the perfect oomph.

B ordered the "Sultani" which consisted of kubideh (skewer-cooked ground beef) and the filet mignon barg (steak on a stick). He had the specialty dill rice with his entree.

Ok, just looking at the photos is making me hungry. I'm off to eat the leftovers!

Oh, and if you live in Houston or happen to be here June 5-6, buy tickets to the Free Press Summerfest here. The first 500 weekend passes are on sale for only $15! I've been really wanting to see Flaming Lips and Ra Ra Riot!

Say It Ain't So

I am still in disbelief over McQueen's death. Another visionary gone.

RIP Mr. McQueen


Happiness is Where the Heart is

Raasta tee : F21 tank (underneath) : vintage Gap Kids denim jacket : F21 faux leather pants : Colonial Madness boots : F21 bracelet

It's rare that I find a graphic tee that really calls out my name. This tee, on the other hand, feels like it was made just for me. It's one of the softest tees I own and has a simple sweet print of what I call the look of "content."

The endearing facial expression, the wee bit of color, and the minimal look drew me in immediately. I think I'm going to start buying clothes that connect with me on an intuitive level.


Schoolgirl Crush (a.k.a. My First Polyvore)

I know, I know. I'm a little behind the times when it comes to this amazing collage maker, but after several failed attempts trying to put together a complete collage, I ended up forgetting about it. With a little inspiration, I decided to try my hand at the program once more. I now realize that the trick is to have a list of items you're looking for and a cohesive theme.

Schoolgirl Crush
Vanessa Bruno blazer : Alexander McQueen glasses : Chloe tank : Lucky Brand bracelet : Burberry parachute pants : OPI "I Pink I Love You" nail polish : Proenza Schouler messenger bag : Christian Louboutin "Freddy" studded brogues

Schoolgirl Crush 2
Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater : Desire skirt : Mulberry "Alexa" bag : OPI "No Room for the Blues" nail polish : Marc Jacobs "Daisy- In the Air" perfume : Topshop ankle socks : Jeffrey Campbell "Class" booties

Both collages were inspired by messenger bags, namely Mulberry's "Alexa" and Phillip Lim's "Tess." I'm a big fan of prim and proper school girl outfits (yep, I never had to wear a uniform), but I think a modern take is more appropriate. Alexa Chung, of course, pulls the look off flawlessly with her own quirky flair.

(Sources: tongue chic : smvblog : i want to be alexa chung)
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