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F21 necklace : Generra dress used as top : vintage skirt : Faryl Robin mary janes

These days I secretly get excited when I have a chance to dress up even if it is just meeting friends for dinner.

I love this skirt that I picked out of a bag of hand-me-downs. My grandmother always seems to find plenty of friends whose daughters have outgrown their clothing. Digging into the bags, I usually pull out ill-fitting trousers or items from the 80s that should have stayed in the 80s. I had a little more luck this go around. The stretch adds a body conscious element to what otherwise would be a stiff wool pencil skirt, and the interwoven metallic thread adds just enough flair to tone down that secretary look. In general, I try to avoid knee-length skirts unless it's for work, but this I can make an exception for.

It is also the first time I have stuffed a dress into a skirt and passed it off as a top. The thin cashmere material definitely allowed me to pull off the look. I'm afraid anything else would have given me a bumpy torso and buttocks. Sexy.

For dinner, I met up with friends at Black Walnut, and we satisfied our sugar cravings afterwards with generous portions of sweets at Ruggles Cafe Bakery. Good dinner, friends, and yummy desserts always seem to make the perfect night.

Sorbet & Berries

Lowfat Tres Leches

Mint Chocolate Mousse Cake


  1. I love the purple skirt, it's so pretty :)

  2. purple is my favourite colour

  3. YUM at the food, and you look amazing.

  4. yeah sometimes i'm the same and take every chance to dress up :)
    you look great!


  5. those deserts look so yummy! and i've been meaning to try pulling off a dress as a top myself. you look lovely!

  6. Love your look!:)
    how are you darling!
    I finished my exams so I'm back here again!
    xxx from Barcelona!

  7. perfect outfit for a night out!

    and Ruggles white chocolate bread pudding = the best.

  8. Juliet: I am doing well but swamped with school work. This blog is one of the things that help keep me sane! Welcome back! I need to plan a trip out to Barcelona soon.

    Phi-Style: Yes, I heard about how amazing the white chocolate bread pudding was! I don't know why we didn't get it though. It's definitely next on my list!

  9. Love your vintage purple skirt so much! And those pictures of those desserts really make me hungry right now.
    Thank you for the comment of my blog anyway.


  10. yes that skirt rocks (this would sound pretty funny in Dutch, seeing as the Dutch word for skirt is "rok" haha). that mint chocolate cake is pretty pleasant to the eye as well!

  11. Very pretty set on you... great color.


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