Sometimes It's OK to Dress Up Like a Grey Marshmallow

Sweatshirt // Second Female
Zip Leggings // Joa + Closet
Boots // New Kid
Leather Bag // Zara

For me, comfort is a key ingredient to my outfits which is why this super soft pillowy sweatshirt appealed to my deepest core. I'm glad I snatched this one up when I did because it was sold out almost immediately on Need Supply. I guess many of you out there agree that marshmallow-dressing is not such a bad thing when it feels like you're wearing a cloud.

Fast forward one winter later, and I've made another essential purchase from Need Supply- New Kid's Dreamcore boots. I've been eyeing these in various colors, but the blue textured leather (a Need Supply exclusive) was what did it for me.  These make a great modern substitute for Roper boots or a slimline version of the combat boot.

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