Back at the Fest

I am not ashamed to say I have gone to the Renaissance Festival more times in my adult years than as a kid.  What's that you say? You don't like drinking mead while dancing to fairies playing the lute?  Well then, you are truly missing out.  Just grab an open-minded group of friends who like to people watch, be entertained, and eat (turkey legs are gluten free) and meet me in Plantersville.

 photo ren6_zpsbded4efc.jpg photo ren_zps9f8e6ea4.jpg
 photo ren5_zps145c7bd3.jpg
 photo ren4_zps8952daaf.jpg
 photo ren9_zpsbb4633d3.jpg
 photo ren2_zps744c9bac.jpg
 photo ren7_zps58118f8b.jpg
 photo ren3_zps1a859f12.jpg
 photo ren8_zpsf018d865.jpg
 photo ren91_zps6d994959.jpg
 photo ren92_zps11f93ee6.jpg
 photo ren93_zpscbf80fde.jpg
 photo ren94_zpse458d054.jpg
 photo ren95_zpscff2aa0e.jpg

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