Tame Mane

Before I chopped off my locks, the only time my hair ever touched a flat iron was at a salon. I never really got into the idea of straightening my mostly straight hair because I was lazy and didn't really think I needed it. However, my new shorter 'do seems to need much more attention and care to keep it styled right. I inherited some random semi-waves from my dad causing my hair to go in different directions. Unless I'm going for a messy beach look, I figured it best to do something about it.

So when I was approached by Misikko to review their ceramic flat iron, I was quick to say yes. I already owned a 2 1/4" iron which is not only bulky but also inconvenient for travel. Thankfully, Misikko sent me a perfectly-sized 1" iron which works like a dream- it heats up quickly, is easy to use, and definitely much more light-weight than my old one. I have to say I've become pretty addicted to doing new things with my hair since the cut and after discovering the wonders of a flat iron. My next feat is learning how to create curls with my new pink friend.

I'll be coming back to Misikko for more fun hair tools. I was surprised to find a pretty large selection of items in their shop. I'm thinking the tourmaline hair dryer might be next on my list.


  1. Love your haircut!!!! So chic!

  2. You are so beautiful!!!! I love this top! And my hairstyle is similar so I completely understand what it's like... I love the hairstyle but... it's so annoying when I have to deal with it in the morning!



  3. love the pink color and your new haircut!
    Travel In Style

  4. Great review. I would love to try a flat iron one day, maybe it will be this one.

  5. Seeing 'tourmaline hair dryer' confused me. Tourmaline's a crystal, I work with it a lot , I then clicked on the link and was pleasantly surprised. What a cool gadget.


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