Pesce on Kirby

Black Olive Bread w/ Tuna Mousse
Seafood Martini: jumbo lump crabmeat, lobster & shrimp w/ napa cabbage, avocado, hearts of palm & kim chee dressing
Linguine Lancione: shrimp, mussels, clams, scallops in a vermouth truffle au jus
Black & Blue Mussels: pancetta, shallots, black pepper, blue cheese in a white wine butter sauce
Work Outfit: DKNY top, Express pencil skirt, Ellen Tracy heels, Romeo & Juliet Couture bag

Hopefully, I'll be getting to do a lot more food posts because although I love fashion, food is always the quickest way to my heart! I don't know how many of you are married, but marriage requires a fine balance of getting what you want without coming off like a nag. That goes for the man in the relationship too! This past weekend, my hubby managed to figure out the right way to get me to do his bidding.

After coming home from a long work week, Bryan surprised me with reservations to Pesce, a restaurant that's been sitting patiently on my list for a very long time. The atmosphere and service was excellent. Shellfish, for me, is always a special treat since I have yet to attempt to cook it at home. Later that night, after a drink or two, hubby eventually revealed to me that while he did want to take me to a nice relaxing dinner, he was also hoping that I'd finally finish sewing the pair of pants of his I've been working on for a week. It's not that I was trying to avoid sewing the darn thing. I was simply taking a break after a couple of frustrating attempts of transforming his slacks into a pair of shorts. Yeah, you didn't know I could do it either, huh? Hubby had come up with this new strategy to channel his negative emotions through other means. Well, if hubby's new method of channeling his anger involves pampering me by way of food, I say sign me up! That night, I got a well-deserved seafood meal, and someone else got a new pair of shorts.

To read more about my food experience, take a look at my yelp review here.


  1. the food looks amazing & you look so chic & polished! so glad i stumbled upon your blog. xx

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  3. WOAH! i just realized that you're a fellow houston blogger! i'll be emailing quite shortly... anyways i too have been DYING to go here... your yelp review is helping me make my decision :)

    with love,


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