Tossin' and Turnin'

// Isabel Marant silk tunic / vintage diy shorts / Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote / vintage belt / Charlotte Russe cateye glasses / Deena & Ozzy sandals / vintage tri-color necklace / Forever 21 stone necklace //

It was so hard getting up this morning! After a night of trying out this simple recipe (thanks Issa for the inspiration!), throwing back a couple of drinks at the bar while waiting for the chicken to braise, and watching A-Team, I'm surprised I made it up at all. Ah well, I guess having to go to work in the morning is the inevitable evil force that kicks me out of bed sometimes.

In other adorable news, we have recently acquired a new addition to our backyard. We call him Baxter, but we're still not sure if it's a boy or girl. This little kitty stray is too cute for words, but poor thing is still afraid of people. We've giving it food and water every day and bribing it with turkey and tuna, in hopes of one day winning its affection.

Bryan was extremely bored while he was home, so I will leave you with his masterpiece:

Scott Walker "The Plague"
// Bryan and I are obsessed with this guy. seriously, you should check out his documentary. //


  1. i love your tusk necklace ;;) very pretty outfit.

  2. This silk tunic is incredible, and awesome necklace!

  3. Nice outfit! (:
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  4. That's so sweet, trying win other the affections of the little kitty. Such a pretty bag you have in those pictures.

  5. hey, thanks alot for the sweet comment! I looove your blog, wanna follow each other?? :)


  6. Wow, I love your bag it's a great blend of chic and trendy...



  7. Hey Teresa!

    Thanks for your nice comment! I was very glad about that. Your blog is awsome..like your ouftits and your necklaces!
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    vanessa :)


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