French Dressing

I've been taking a lot of cues from the French lately when it comes to zee wardrobe. Simple, chic, effortless.

They seem to know exactly how to dress women or is it the women just know how to dress themselves? Either way, they're my new inspiration.

Some leading ladies in the French movement:
// L to R: Clemence Poesy / Lou Doillon / Charlotte Gainsbourg //

A little treat from Vanessa Bruno.


  1. absolutely lovely inspiration! thanks for sharing :) xx

  2. This is really spiring and I love the outfit of Clemence Poesy, French are always savvy


  3. I have always loved ISABEL MARANT! Thanks for the inspiration. I also love the jacket/vest that Lou Doillon is wearing. Have a lovely evening!

  4. i love the inspirations, esp the "classic feminine cool" look!

  5. I love this post, I especially love ANYTHING by Isabel Marant ;) You have great taste ;)

  6. I really do love this post! Thanks for sharing! I enjoy the simple things and how something simple can be so chic. These are great picks and I do favor them all. I'm very attracted to the color palettes from the Vanessa Bruno Athe series.

    Cup of Fashion

  7. vanessa bruno video is next level! your blog is great!

    love shannon

  8. I looove this post! Iro is one of my fave brands! So chic! :-)
    You have an awesome site!!!


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