Wooly Mammoth

// MNG by Mango popcorn sweater / Vanessa Bruno Athé wool shorts / Target scarf / Zara bucket bag / black tights courtesy of Kushyfoot / Madison Harding wedge buckle boots //

Finally watched Tron 2.0 in 3D with Bryan and my younger twin sisters. I highly suggest watching the first one prior to watching the sequel as it could be a bit boring for someone unfamiliar with the storyline and expecting something really spectacular. Otherwise, I think it was a great continuation of the 80's movie featuring amazing new technology that brings a young Jeff Bridges back to life. Olivia Wilde is gorgeous as always and Michael Sheen (who I've become quite a fan of) plays a kooky Bowie-esque character. For realz.

Kushyfoot sent me some samples of their products awhile back including these tights. Now, on the outside they don't look extraordinary, but let me tell you, these tights have massaging soles. Yes, you heard it, little special pads on the bottoms of your feet that make them nice and comfy. These have been my go-to black tights. They're microfiber so they're sturdy (no runs yet!) and fit great. I will definitely be purchasing more when this pair gets worn out.


  1. I really want to see Tron: Legacy..but it hasn´t premiered here yet..guess I´ll just have to wait...great knit and the massaging tights sure seems wonderful!


  2. Hi teresa! thanks for dropping by my blog :) I appreciate the comment you left me. You have a nice blog and a really good eye for style that I'm loving! I'm following you now! drop by my blog again when you have time! :)

    melai of style and soul

  3. i really love your purse! you look so pretty! you have an awesome blog, thanks for visiting mine i hope you come back soon xo


  4. LOve your sweater *_*!

    This blog is so cute :D i'm following you!


  5. Lovely outfit...and a very lovely blog!

  6. Amazing style!
    Love your scarf and tights, I always look for an excuse to wear them!
    I love Olivia Wilde in Tron, she looks very different but very pretty!

  7. Oh thanks so much for the answer about the tights!!
    i love your blog it's so cute, and so are you :)

    Wanna follow each other?

    Kenza xxx


  8. really love that colourpalette.

    xx T

  9. Thank ou for your comment, i'm in love with your short!

  10. You look so cute!
    I love your bag, I've been looking for one like that!!
    Have a nice day :)

  11. 80s tron was so much better. GEM was gorgeous though.


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