Not Done with Wedges

// Nasty Gal sherpa aviator jacket / Forever21 chambray boyfriend top / Target peggings (pants + leggings= ha!) / diy fingerless gloves / Desmo bag / Minimarket space wedges //

I've been in the market for some black wedges after saying bye-bye to my JC "Pixie" and "Alicia" wedges. Yes, my tastes do seem to have a pretty high turnover rate these days. I found these Space Wedges marked down at My-Wardrobe and had a flashback from when I was drooling over all the fun wedges in the Fall 2010 Minimarket Lookbook. I love the height, a soaring 5 inches, which makes me a nice 6' 1". I'll have to remember to wear these out to crowded concerts where there's normally a tool blocking my line of sight. Nobody wants to mess with the girl with the monster shoes!


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