Lilliputian Purple Potato

My mom always brings me interesting fruits and vegetables she finds at the Asian markets. This time she surprised me with some adorable Japanese sweet potatoes. With khaki-colored skin similar to a regular American potato, it's the inner deep purple flesh that gives you a moment of pause. It's very similar to taro but has an incredible natural sweetness that makes it the perfect healthy dessert. I just poked some holes in the potato with a fork, baked these for an hour on 350 degrees, and they came out perfectly soft. Add a little butter or margarine for that extra boost. Yum!

The purple color scared away the hubby but that just means more for me!

On a side note:

I finally decided to add the Followers widget to my sidebar (underneath the Bloglovin' icon) for those who use Google Friend Connect. I'm more of a Google Reader girl myself, but I wanted to give you the option to pick your poison.

In God We Trust arrow earrings

Update: After researching some more functions on Google Reader, I realized it will add all your followed blogs from Blogger. Definitely good to know!


  1. never seen this before, but i also love trying exotic foods. would love to try it! im sure it's delicious :)



  2. i like those potatoes. my parents eat them all the time!

  3. Looks yummy! If it is like taro, I probably will love it!


  4. haha those potatoes look kinda... well, not that good :D but i'm sure they taste delicious. my grandma once brought blue potatoes for dinner, she had got them from a localfarmer or something. :D

  5. Natalie: Yes, I am always up for trying exotic foods! I think it helps being Asian because our culture is pretty adventurous when it comes to what we eat.

    .mck: I think I'm about to eat them all the time now. I told my mom that I really liked them. She is now going to grab me some whenever she goes to that store.

    Dylana: It's a mix between taro and a sweet potato. I'm sure you'll like it! It's pretty yummy.

    Raita 2: Yeah, that's what my husband said. He wouldn't touch it. I've never had blue potatoes before! That's the next thing on my list!


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