Study Break

Kathy Jeanne slouchy beret : Forever 21 faux leather bomber : Mexx sweater jacket : vintage Raphaella striped top : Flying Monkey skinny jeans : Faryl Robin booties: vintage mini backpack

Went to have sushi with the hubs and a couple of friends in between studying. We just had a cold front come through, so I'm glad I grabbed a hat. Brrr... it's currently a very chilly 42 degrees.


  1. Great outfit :) I love your jacket and shoes!! :)

  2. Hi, this is the Farylrobin team dropping by to say, thanks for blogging about our boots! Follow us on Twitter @Farylrobin, where we linked to your blog.

  3. I love the shape of the heels on those Farylrobin boots. I was going to buy that exact pair on ebay maybe around a year ago, but I think my size wasn't available or something. How comfortable are they?



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