Another Christmas Come and Gone

Calvin Klein sweater dress : Natalia Brulli "sacral" necklace : dollar store knee-highs : Jeffrey Campbell x LF ivory "Alexa" wedges

I know. Our tree is tiny, but it fits so well in that corner nook.

My very first attempt at Christmas decorating in our first place together!

Is it just me or did another Christmas just creep up on us and is now just a remnant of the past? I feel like the hands on my clock are spinning faster than ever. These are the times that remind me that we need to cherish our loved ones. How often do we take people for granted and then before we know it, they're gone just like the passing of time. Last night, Bryan and I went to visit my grandmother after the Christmas festivities with the family. Unfortunately. my grandma's failing health did not allow her to join us this year. My favorite Christmas moment was seeing my grandmother's face light up when she saw us walk through the door. Despite her lack of energy, she was able to muster everything she had to show us photos of her and my mother that were lying around in boxes and old photo albums. Just being with her and seeing her excitement from us coming to visit was really sweet.

I am going to curb my materialistic cravings this year and forgo after-Christmas shopping in dedication to my grandmother. She's been through so much. Her story of how she made it to America as a single mother with my mother and uncle is truly amazing. Life is precious and sensitive and every little bit of love counts.

With that in mind, I am incredibly thankful to have had our family over to our place for the first time. The Christmas party turned out splendid! The family got to check out our humble abode, and we all stuffed our face with turkey, ribs, mashed potatoes, collard greens, and the list goes on. Needless to say, our fridge is fully stocked right now. Can't wait to munch on the leftovers for the rest of the week. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and I will just go shopping vicariously through all of you! ;)


  1. i love that sweater dress. is it vintage?

  2. Grace, I did find the dress at the thrift store, but I'm not sure if it would be considered vintage. It is probably from some past season so it may not be in the stores anymore.

  3. You're right, Christmas is mostly about family.

    Your living room looks so serene and cozy. And don't worry about your tree, the way I see it, it makes all the presents look HUGE in comparison! Always look at the bright side ;)

    Happy holidays!

  4. I love this outfit! Each piece is amazing!

    Your house is cute :D


  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just found your blog!
    i instantly started following you!!
    I absolutely LOVEEEEE your outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so pretty and magical!! ive been dyyying to have the alexa wedges! too bad the ones you're selling aren't a 7 =(

    You look stunning...keep rockin it out!
    adding you to my blog roll, exchange links?



  6. Ok, so I'm probably the only person on the (fashion blogging) planet who wasn't crazy about those Acne boots (in black), but yours in beige are totally giving me a new perspective. I LOVE those! The silver and beige are a match made in heaven! And I love them with the bright knee socks!

  7. lopi: Thank you! Haha, now that you put it that way, I will be keeping that tree for a little while longer!

    lindsey and kelsey: Thanks girls!

    JT: I love your blog as well!! You have great photo spreads! You are now added to my blogroll!

    camerafilmroll: Maybe JC will roll out with some more next year? One can only hope.

    E: Yeah, I instantly fell head over heels for the ivory Alexas when I saw them on a Twitpic. I ended up selling my black ones and got the ivory ones to replace them.

  8. oooooh loving your Jeffrey Campbell boots!!! When i saw that they came in white, I almost flipped out!!!! Very cute xmas pics!

  9. Your light blue knee-highs are sooo adorable!

  10. You did a great job decorating for christmas! looks so cozy and welcoming =]

  11. suuuuch a cute sweater! Or I guess a dress the way you wear it haha love it! Very cute knee-highs and love those shoes - do I see some metallic sole action going on? That's so great!!


  12. you are so gorgeous teresa. i love your blog. following you!


  13. hEY!:)
    your blog is amazing and so cool!
    I love it!
    can I add you to my favourites?
    I really like your looks and outfits!
    xoxo from spain!:)

  14. Hey Thank you for your sweet comment!
    I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother, but I hope you're Christmas time is great :)
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes... I reeeally want these in black, but omg they lookk good in white!! lol.

  15. Great food for thought and words to live by. I hate to call myself materialistic, but unfortunately to a certain extent I am. My parents were immigrants and my dad worked at a 7-11 to support my mom, brother and I. His story is truly a rags to riches story and something I should remind myself of everyday.

  16. i really love the way the pieces of this outfit work together! i would have never thought to do them that way, but i love the way it looks!

  17. nice pics :D


  18. oh wow! i'm so envious of the amount of presents you have!! hope you had a fab time opening them. (:

    merry christmas!


  19. Haha oops! Maybe I should have had a disclaimer that not all those presents were mine! Some were for other family members as well. :)

  20. I think that's a wonderful thing that you did not succumb to post-Christmas shopping in memory of your grandma! I didn't do any of that either...but mostly because I'm stark broke :)

    Love your snowy white outfit with those awesome wedges!

  21. I love posts like these! Where you get to see beyond the outfit! You look great! Those booties are awesome but I'd probably kill myself in those! lol!

  22. Those shoes!! I die! So beautiful :)


  23. I love this look! and I want your wedges :) Hope you and your man had a great holiday. Can't believe that the new year is a couple days away!!!

    Love & Aloha, S

  24. wow love these shoes!!!
    thankssss for your comment!!!
    see you soon!!!

  25. Love your sweater dress!!

  26. You have such great style, i love how funky and feminine it is. i would totally wear all your outfits :)


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