Blue Suede Shoes

I've had these Chucks for 11 years now. That's right. 11 YEARS. I just can't seem to give them up. They are my true blue suede shoes, and I don't think they come in blue suede anymore. They're pretty beaten up for my standards and probably need to find a cozy home between a take out box and an old tire, but I think I can eek out just a little more wear out of them. They've actually outlasted a newer pair of Chucks I've had that I did throw out recently. With everything still intact, some cosmetic blemishes, and years of caked-on dirt, these, however, just keep on truckin'. Maybe I'll keep them just a little while longer.

Forever 21 nylon coat : random fringe scarf : vintage Izod Lacoste sweater : vintage baseball belt : Tripp NYC skinny jeans : trusty OLD blue suede Converse Chucks

Do you have a pair of Chucks that you just can't let go?


  1. lovely coat!

  2. haha! i don't think i ever own a chucks - my closest version would be a pair of Brazilian canvas sneakers!! but i totally got what you were saying about not letting go as there are just so many stuffs i have in my closet that I inherited from my childhood :-) BTW: i really love this blue/grey palette of your outfit - the pop of red belt gave the perfect dose of accent!!! fantastic, xx


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